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Naked City is a police drama television series that also doubles as something of a documentary. The show also takes it name from the 1948 movie entitled The Naked City. Naked City takes place and is filmed in New York City, and has the main protagonists of the series being detectives of the 65th Precinct of the New York Police Department. They include Detective Frank Arcaro, played by Harry Bellaver, Detective Adam Flint, played by Paul Burke and Lieutenant Michael Parker, played by Horace McMahon. The latter two would later become main characters in the later seasons of the show. Though these three were the major players of the drama, most of the episodes played around the criminals and victims, who happened to be guest stars of the shows. In fact it was the extremely wide variety of guest stars who made the show more widely known, Christopher Walken and Jon Voight being two prime examples of this.

Naked City was created and mostly written by Stirling Silliphant, with Lawrence Dobkin serving as the show's narrator.

Naked City is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (138 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 1958.

Naked City is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Naked City on demand atAmazon, The Roku Channel Free, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on ABC
4 Seasons, 138 Episodes
September 30, 1958
Crime, Drama
Cast: Paul Burke, Horace McMahon, Harry Bellaver, James Franciscus, John McIntire
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Naked City Full Episode Guide

  • A barber who was rejected for admission into the NYPD Police Academy rents a policeman's uniform from a theatrical wardrobe department and begins impersonating a police officer. All goes well until he has a confrontation with an armed robber who bears a strong resemblance to Dustin Hoffman.

  • A judge orders a laborer and a TV executive into counseling after they're both charged with spousal battery.

  • A love triangle at a paper factory between the owner and an employee over a woman ends in tragedy for all involved.

  • A junk dealer kills his partner in a fight over the business when the partner refuses to go along with his latest get rich quick scheme.

  • A man is told to leave town after witnessing his brother and some other hoods beat a man to death.

  • Even Frank Nitti gets involved in the search for a missing woman who's the carrier of an infectious, often fatal, disease.

  • Eccentric procrastinator Ben Giovanni is given an ultimatum by his fiancee--either he marries her within the week or she leaves him for good.

  • Two Native American construction workers get into a fight over a woman and one accidentally falls to his death. Tribal custom prevents the survivor from going to the police even though he has a witness to back up his story.

  • During the course of a robbery/murder investigation, a dying executive makes Detective Flint an offer--he wants Flint to takeover as CEO of his company after his death.

  • A neurotic divorcee claims a Lothario stole her car but he says she loaned it to him after he picked her up in a drinking establishment.

  • A Puerto Rican man and his pregnant wife have just arrived in New York. Desperate for a job, the man pays a "job seller" to get him one but the seller reneges on the deal.

  • Lt. Parker sends Detective Flint up the river to Sing Sing prison to witness the execution of a killer whom Flint apprehended.

  • Detective Jerry Costell has himself transferred to the 65th Precinct so he can get the man who killed his partner.

  • Informer Alan Starkie needs to get out of town fast but to get out of town he needs money. So he goes to the police for funds.

  • Three rich boys steal the jewels of their neighbors for kicks. Eventually things lead to blackmail and murder when a janitor discovers what they've been doing.

  • In order to become a hero to his sons, a businessman baits a gang of thieves into robbing his newly opened liquor store.

  • Con man/thief Roger Fallon romances female servants of wealthy families in order to gain access to their employers' homes and valuables.

  • A 33 year old Las Vegas showgirl and her galpal arrive in New York and proceed to abduct a prominent psychiatrist at gunpoint. It seems as though the showgirl wants the shrink, with whom she had a Vegas fling, to marry her. Only one problem--he already has a wife.

  • The body of a boy accidentally killed 25 years before is discovered. Knowing that three of his pals were the ones responsible, a lifelong loser decides to blackmail them.

  • Two lifelong friends, now embroiled in a bitter feud, lock themselves in a storage room. An old Polish custom says they will either emerge as friends again or one of them will be dead.

  • A restauranteur gets framed for murder by his unfaithful wife and her suitor.

  • Libby becomes convinced that an intense new student in her acting class plans on killing their instructor.

  • Inspired by his teacher that he can accomplish anything, a nearly blind boy begins a walk from a Manhattan class field trip to his home in Brooklyn.

  • After his son places him in a retirement home, a man begins calling in bomb threats to perceived evildoers all over the city. Things get even more complicated when a fellow retirement home resident begins blackmailing him over the calls.

  • A loan shark insists that bartender Barney Sonners help him rob the lounge where he works. When Barney refuses and informs the police, he and is family are then terrorized by hoods.

  • In this clunker of an episode, a drunken toll booth collector goes on a bender, abducts a hotel waiter whom he mistakes for a scientist, and takes him aboard the Staten Island Ferry.

  • In order to raise money for his wife's trip to a floral conference, a former boxer decides to get back into the ring unaware that his crooked manager plans to sell him out.

  • Arcaro befriends a dying woman who seemingly can't get along with anyone.

  • A disfigured boy who lives in the shadows is suspected of being a mugger. Once the boy is cleared, Detective Flint and a girl who befriended him try to help the youth face the world.

  • An eerily overprotective father plots a violent revenge on a group of youths who harassed his sheltered daughter in a movie theater.

  • It's shades of Eddie Waitkus on the gridiron when a star NFL running back is shot by a disturbed young woman who claims they've been having an affair.

  • A poet who for years has traded his poems for alcohol to a bar owner steals them back when his pleas to return them are rejected. Then the bar owner kills him.

  • After her mother's mysterious death, 30 year old spinster Ellen Annis begins an affair with the family chauffeur. She's unaware that her new flame is actually the guilty party.

  • The search is on for a research professor who disappeared after inhaling some potentially lethal fumes from some gases with which he had been experimenting.

  • It's shades of Mark Fuhrman for Detective Adam Flint when he arrests a young socialite for wreckless driving, hit and run, and possession of illegal substances. Once the case goes to trial, the woman's flamboyant defense attorney begins putting Flint on trial.

  • A young man has a secret place where he goes to be alone and think but one day he's forced to share this refuge with a fugitive from the police.

  • The police are baffled by the case of Herbert Konish, a stockbroker who appears to be living several lives at once.

  • An immigrant threatens a sculptor over his statue of a foreign leader who was once a hero but is now a vicious tyrant.

  • The only way Detective Flint knows how to prevent a robbery from being committed by three elderly Rumanian immigrants is to drink them under the table at a party.

  • A chauffeur is the only witness who can clear an actress of wrongdoing in the death of an agent who had warned her to stop having an affair with his client.

  • After his release from prison, a Native American arrives in New York to look up an old Army buddy only to discover that his pal is now a hitman for the Mob.

  • William Shatner makes an unlikely Asian in this tale about a Burmese sailor who arrives in New York to kill the captain of a merchant freighter but ends up killing his wife instead.

  • A man who grew up in an orphanage strikes up an unusual frienship with the neglected 12 year old daughter of wealthy parents. Then a bitter ex-galpal of the man accuses him of molesting the girl.

  • A hired gun is being hunted by both the police and the mob forces a professional crap shooter to try and win enough money for him to get out of the country.

  • A patrolman, beset by personal problems at home, cracks up in the squadroom and pulls out a gun on his fellow officers.

  • Arnold Platt is discovered embezzling from his job in order to pay his terminally ill mother's medical bills. His galpal, Rosalind, then convinces him to go out and have the time of his life before turning himself into the police.

  • A man having an affair with the wife of a trucking company owner tries to run the husband down. But the victim refuses to identify the assailant even though he knows his identity because he doesn't want word of the wife's affair getting out in the community.

  • Two Arkansas hillbillies arrive in New York and begin committing mindless acts of violence and mayhem. One of these acts is the shooting of Detective Arcaro.

  • A mobster uses a hot chick as part of his plan to get a teacher to pass his academically inadequate son.

  • Both the boyfriend and godfather of a Chinese girl confess to murdering her and police discover that they were both in love with her and involved in an arbitration within the Chinese community over who would be allowed to marry her.

  • A female doctor in a poor New York neighborhood who helped raise a pharmacist's son provides medical treatment for the youth after he's wounded when he and his friend try to rob a store.

  • A Greenwich Village painter with a history of mental problems awakens one morning after blacking out the night before to find his wife murdered in their apartment. Since the man has no memory of the previous night's events it's up to the police to piece together what did happen.

  • Former Medal of Honor winner Neil Daggett, whose personal life has fallen apart, cracks under the strain and goes on a shooting spree.

  • An old contract allows a retired postal worker to bring his sailboat up an inlet leading to his home but a railway bridge is now blocking the way.

  • After a blazing argument with his shrewish wife, George Bick puts on a suit of armor, hails a cab to a boxing match, and climbs into the ring announcing that he's carrying a bomb.

  • A middle-aged man has all kinds of troubles with his much younger and frequently unfaithful wife.

  • A museum curator joins the police in a search for a statue that was filched from a museum by two assclowns who were going to sell it to a Greek collector.

  • A disturbed young man attacks his mother and her fiancee after discovering that they plan to have him committed to Bellevue Mental Hospital. He then becomes involved with a girl trying to help a senile old woman find her way home.

  • Alfie Tiloff and his cold-hearted wife, Myrtle, kidnap a young girl from the neighborhood where they live and demand that a wealthy man pay the ransom. Things work like a charm until the very end.

  • A Swedish governess arrives at the police precinct with a tale of marital distress and gunshots at the home of her employers.

  • Police try to determine whether the death of a garment tycoon was suicide or murder.

  • A young man uses an old dueling pistol to wound a man who has been fighting with his girlfriend in Central Park.