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This comedy series revolves around the misadventures of a bumbling team of intelligence agents whose job it is to track down and catch spies who are bent on wreaking havoc in Canada. The series stars Natalie Linsinska and William deVry. It debuted on the CBC in January 2011, and it aired a second season in 2012 before it was cancelled.

InSecurity is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2011. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.5.

InSecurity is available for streaming on the Tricon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch InSecurity on demand at Tubi TV , Tubi TV online.

Tuesday 8:30 PM et/pt on Tricon
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
April 1, 2011
Cast: Natalie Lisinska, William deVry, Matthew MacFadzean, Grace Lynn Kung
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InSecurity Full Episode Guide

  • JoJo poses as Claude's mail-order bride, Alex investigates Peter under suspicion of unauthorized dealings with a Russian agent, and Burt wastes N'udu's tickets to a soccer game.

  • An old college roommate visits Alex, and hooks up with N'udu at Alex's condo. The upcoming wedding of two NISA employees stirs JoJo's feelings toward Burt.

  • In attempt to gain intel, JoJo dates an ex of Alex, troubling Burt. As JoJo's relationship becomes less than professional, Alex's resurfacing feelings bother JoJo and Peter. Claude feigns interest in N'udu's homeland to gain intel of his own.

  • Jojo tries to help Alex overcome her dog problems. Claude resents N'udu over his apparent wealth. Peter feels the need to prove his manliness when he learns that Burt used to wrestle.

  • A visiting tech specialist leads Alex into a night of quickly regretted drunken debauchery. Meanwhile, a slip-up complicates Claude and Burt's rural roadtrip.

  • The team is on each others case when Peter doesn't credit Alex for her role in a secret operation, Claude overhears Burt complaining about him to a psychiatrist, and N'udu suspects Jojo of harboring anger.

  • Alex's mother undermines her authority at NISA. Burt learns about 'stakeout make-out' when he is tasked on a stakeout with JoJo.

  • While under anesthesia, Alex expresses a personal interest in Peter. Meanwhile, after Burt finds a birth certificate for him, N'udu seeks to take advantage of the time he has left.

  • Alex dons a disguise to gain the trust of a pregnant suspect. Burt is saddened by a friend's declining health, causing N'udu to offer a kidney.

  • Claude learns that his coworkers have been making fun of his fashion when WikiLeaks releases information on NISA.

  • It's Alex's birthday but the party is put on hold when an airborne toxin is released triggering a biohazard lockdown that seals the team in the office.

  • After an attempt on her life by a mystery killer, Alex is put under heavy guard by NISA. As the stalker gets closer to Alex, NISA must step up its game ì°½ defusing bombs, sniffing out poisons, and setting traps for the killer.

  • When one of Alex's team is returned to NISA after being captured by the Dutch Secret Service, it leads Alex and the gang to wonder: is their fellow team member experiencing post-traumatic stress or have they become a double agent?

  • Alex and her team have finally caught The Ghost, a former spy and master of escape. He's one of the biggest spies they've ever nabbed â literally.

  • It's the team's first night off in ages, and all Alex wants to do is dance, but unfortunately for her, the party they're at is derailed when Mexican terrorists take the party-goers hostage.

  • While posing as a drug dealerâs girlfriend, JoJo suffers amnesia, complicating NISA's plan to catch the dealer before he sells a dirty bomb to Irish terrorists intent on blowing up the Queen.

  • Peter and Alex pose as parents of a young hockey player (Peter's son) to keep a Korean spy occupied at his son's hockey try out.

  • Alex is tasked with assassinating an assassin, a mission that becomes more complicated when her carefully laid plan backfires.

  • Alex and Peter must retrace their steps after a drunken night out results in the loss of the Jericho File, a list of every undercover NISA agent's real identity.

  • N'udu's best friend, Masud, is rescued from Ligeria by NISA. Because there is still a threat on his life, Masud is kept at a safehouse with Claude and JoJo.

  • NISA suspects a right-wing terrorist group known as the Ottawa 8 of plotting to blow up symbols of the liberal establishment in Canada. But surveillance proves difficult when the only vantage point to spy on the terrorists is the nursing home.

  • When a Russian spy steals top secret Canadian submarine plans, Peter and Alex go undercover as husband and wife to try to get the plans back. The rest of the team keep look-out across the courtyard at a stakeout apartment.

  • After a botched mission, Alex is kidnapped by uranium smugglers, and is tortured by The Doctor, who turns out to be Randy, a nerd from Alex's past.

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