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Much like the expression, Tough Love is a VH1 reality show where a son and mother coaching team work with women who have admitted difficulties with the opposite sex. Using a stern approach, the women explore how their own behavior has affected their inability to find a long term mate. Many of the women have marriage in mind, however, the focus is to learn more about themselves as they meet and date various men on the show.

The shows hosts feature Philadelphia based Master Matchmakers, Steven Ward and his mother JoAnn Ward. Mr. Ward is seen much more than his mother on camera.

The women participate in dating 101 classes in which they face their personal challenges. The women's behavior is evaluated by both the coaches and the men they date. In addition, focus groups of men critique behavior in a variety of settings. Surprises and traps are set in an effort to get to the root of why the women face difficulties with men. Often, there is behavior that they are engaging in that they are unaware is affecting how they are perceived.

This reality show boot camp based upon love features brutal honesty with an advisory approach. The classic character personalities displayed include titles such wedding obsessed or gold digger." The goal is that realizing and correcting their worst personality traits will allow them to change in order to attract the best men available.

Season One of Tough Love featured eight women who agreed to accept relationship advice from the hosts and coaches. Season Two featured nine women in a similar setting as Season One.

Tough Love Couples was the third season of the reality series and featured six couples in search of relationship advice from the hosts. Much like the other seasons, the couples were encouraged to face how their personality traits affect their relationships and what could be done to change the situation by altering their behavior.

Featuring a setting in Miami Beach, Florida, a new set of eight women confront their love problems with the hosts and matchmakers, Steven Ward, and mother JoAnn Ward in much the same way as the other seasons. Season Four also includes women from the New Orleans region.

Many of the seasons focus on the same love issues. However, because each season includes different women, they all react differently to the advice that is administered and experience varied results.

Tough Love is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on March 15, 2009.

Tough Love is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tough Love on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes, VH1 online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on VH1
5 Seasons, 54 Episodes
March 15, 2009
Cast: Steven Ward, JoAnn Ward, Taylor Royce, Leif Holt
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Tough Love Full Episode Guide

  • The boot campers take their dates to their homes.

  • It's time for the boot campers to face their exes and their indiscretions.

  • Family issues surface when the boot campers are assigned to write letters to their parents.

  • The boot campers make shocking discoveries when Steve gives them the green light to snoop in each other's rooms.

  • The boot campers get a few lessons in sex this week. During a talent show, one boot camper gets so raunchy that he scares off his date and embarrasses his roommates.

  • The boot campers put their verbal skills to use in the next challenge. Then, they attend a charity auction that comes with a big twist.

  • The women and men face off in a battle of intelligence. Plus, one on one dates.

  • The men and women hit a Los Angeles nightclub, unaware that Steve and Monica are spying on them.

  • The fifth season opens, and boot camp has gone co-ed. Steve Ward and his sister Monica will take 8 dating misfits and teach them how to have successful relationships while in the City of Angels.

  • As the end of bootcamp approaches, the boyfriends return as promises are made, passionate kisses are shared and one girl is surprised to get a proposal.

  • Relationships are taken to the next level when the ladies and their dates return to their hometowns to meet the families.

  • Steve invites the women's exes to camp in an attempt to help them leave their pasts behind.

  • The boot campers head to the swamps of Louisiana with their dates and their dates' fathers. Later the women must cook for their dates' mothers.

  • The girls are completely taken aback when on their fancy dinner dates, waiters dump food in their laps. Will they be able to handle the shock gracefully? Ruined dresses, tears, and many laughs are shared in this scandalous Tough Love exercise.

  • The boot-campers must host a sex-talk radio show.

  • Steve and Joann go undercover and observe the girls uncensored! Then the girls go out for a wild night and one of them makes out with a stranger. Later, the girls receive a makeover and attend a debutante ball after etiquette classes.

  • The ladies get a dose of reality when they are placed in front of a panel of 25 men on a game show as the men reveal the dos and dont's.

  • This week, Steve addresses the problems with digital dating. Later, he and Joann go undercover to spy on the bootcampers snooping in their date's apartments.

  • Steve and JoAnn take Tough Love to the Big Easy.

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