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Cock'd Gunns is a reality television series. It follows a real life musical band. This reality series follows the lives and work of a musical band trying to make it into the big time. This band has two brothers leading it, hopefully into fame and fortune. They are at the bottom now but trying to make it to the top and want to start in Las Vegas.

This show focuses on the efforts of two brothers and their band trying to break into the music industry. Music is a very competitive field. Not many make it to the top here but this band is still fighting for their place.

Saturdays on Tricon
1 Season, 13 Episodes
December 1, 2007
Cast: Morgan Waters, Andy King, Brooks Gray, Leo Scherman
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Cock'd Gunns Full Episode Guide

  • Reggie jumps at a golden opportunity. Will it ruin Christmas and destroy Cock'd Gunns?

  • Reggie considers moving back home, threatening the future of the band and his relationship with Dick. Keith makes a promising industry contact.

  • The band is forced to get regular jobs. Barry tries to keep spirits up despite Reggie and Dick's negative outlook. Keith looks for new opportunities.

  • Reggie and Dick attend a meeting at a major record label. Barry and Keith aren't invited and feel left out.

  • On the second leg of their two-city tour, the band travel to Hamilton and meet a mysterious record industry contact. Reggie reveals a deep, dark secret.

  • The band embarks on their first Canadian tour. When their debut gig is canceled, they are forced to party their troubles away in Niagara Falls.

  • Reggie drastically changes the direction of the band and hires a professional guitar player who becomes Dick's new best friend. Keith hits rock bottom and decides to get a makeover.

  • Barry pays Keith to make a promotional video and Dick and Reggie fight over the image of the band. Creative differences force Reggie to make a life-changing decision.

  • Reggie's new girlfriend Bradd books the band to play her hipster art show. Barry plays drums for the first time and Dick experiments with hip-hop. Keith is depressed because his wife left him for his best friend.

  • The band trip out on drugs, while Keith tries to score a musician's grant to help finance the band.

  • Dick attempts a hostile takeover of management duties, forcing Keith to prove himself. Reggie writes a smooth rock song for Barry's stepsister Becky, who invites the band to her pool party.

  • Manager Keith tries to motivate the band by pretending he booked them a gig at Ozzfest. The band is ecstatic and practices like never before, while Keith tries to cover up his lie.

  • Reggie reunites with his brother Dick, and the Gunns play their first gig. Reggie learns that drummer Barry doesn't know how to play drums, and Dick learns that while he was away, Reggie hired a manager.

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