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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Jenni Rivera la Vida de una Diva is a biographical television series that tells the life story of the late Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and actress Jenni Rivera. The series premiered on Estrella TV in 2017 and consists of 91 episodes, each approximately one hour in length. The show documents Rivera's journey from growing up in Long Beach, California, to becoming one of the most successful regional Mexican music artists in history.

The series explores Rivera's personal and professional life, starting from her difficult childhood, marked by poverty and abuse, to her rise to fame in the music industry. It sheds light on Rivera's struggles and triumphs, including her turbulent relationships, controversies, and family dramas. The show also examines her role as a mother, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

The series features interviews with Rivera's family, friends, and colleagues, as well as rare footage of the artist never before seen by the public. Viewers get to see Rivera's candid moments, her performances, and her interactions with fans. The show also highlights Rivera's impact on the music industry and how she broke barriers and opened doors for female artists in a male-dominated genre.

One of the key themes of the series is the empowerment of women, particularly Latina women. Jenni Rivera la Vida de una Diva shows how Rivera used her music and her voice to inspire and uplift women all over the world. The show presents the struggles that Rivera faced as a woman in the music industry, including sexism, objectification, and misogyny. The series also highlights her activism and her work to raise awareness of issues affecting women, including domestic violence and sexual assault.

Overall, Jenni Rivera la Vida de una Diva is a moving and inspiring tribute to one of the most beloved and influential artists of our time. The series chronicles Rivera's life and legacy, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the woman behind the music. It is a must-watch for fans of Rivera and anyone who is interested in the lives of strong, powerful women who have made their mark on history.

Jenni Rivera la Vida de una Diva
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Capitulo 7
7. Capitulo 7
January 1, 2014
Nuevos romances, nuevos problemas. En este episodio vemos que tan f¡cil Jenni pod­a obtener un nuevo amor y tambi©n que tan f¡cil se terminaron. El hombre que ella pens³ que iba ser muy diferente, resulto teniendo los mismos sentimientos que antes.
Cap­tulo 6
6. Cap­tulo 6
January 1, 2014
En este episodio vemos que con empuje y empuje si se logro hacer realidad que tocaran la canci³n que ella quer­a. Aunque se entero de la vida doble de su marido, no la atraso en seguir adelante con su sue±o.
Capitulo 3
3. Capitulo 3
Celos son sentimientos que se puede tomar como simpatico pero en otras ocasiones como una bandera roja. En este episodio vemos como empezaron los problemas de su amor y que tan serio estaban las cosas cuando ella continuaba a luchar por su sueño.
Cap­tulo 2
2. Cap­tulo 2
November 18, 2013
Cuando nadie esta ah­ para dar apoyo se siente como que el mundo para. En este episodio vemos que aunque su propio padre no cre­a en ella y su talento, Jenni nunca se dio por vencida.
Capítulo 1
1. Capítulo 1
November 15, 2015
En este capítulo, les introducimos a Jenni Rivera como una mujer con valor con mucha fuerza para poder salir adelante. En cuanto unos problemas parecen que no tienen solucion, otras oportunidades salen.
  • Premiere Date
    November 15, 2015