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  • 1989
  • 1 Season
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Little World Of His Own, A
13. Little World Of His Own, A
November 27, 1989
Miyagi and friends discover that the shrine has fallen into the hands of a lonely boy who is using it to make his own little world.
Gray Ghosts, The
12. Gray Ghosts, The
November 25, 1989
The search for the shrine brings Miyagi and friends to San Francisco where they join a group of senior citizens in a car rally, hoping it will ultimately lead them to the shrine.
Hunt, The
11. Hunt, The
November 18, 1989
Mr. Miyagi has traced the shrine down to the coast of Norway where a whale has swallowed it and is attacking illegal whaling ships.
East Meets West
10. East Meets West
November 11, 1989
Miyagi, Daniel and Taki travel to the Soviet Union where Prof. Kirov is studying its magical powers.
9. Walkabout
October 28, 1989
Mr. Miyagi and friends follow the shrine to Australia where a tribe of Aborigines believe it should be offered to the god of the volcano.
Return Of The Shrine
8. Return Of The Shrine
October 21, 1989
Taki returns the shrine to her temple, but a thousand year feud between her family and the Ishida's makes them lose the shrine once again.
Over The Rainbow
7. Over The Rainbow
October 14, 1989
Miyagi and company follow the magic rainbow to a mountain paradise in the Himalayas where the stone has turned a well into the Foundation of Youth.
All The World His Stage
6. All The World His Stage
September 9, 1989
Miyagi tracks the shrine down to a movie lot where its power enters the sword of an actor playing King Arthur, causing him to believe he is the evil Black Knight.
Paper Hero
5. Paper Hero
October 7, 1989
After a padre in Mexico hides the shrine in a Mayan temple, it's up to Mr. Miyagi to keep it out of the hands of Madero, an evil bandit.
Tomorrow Man
4. Tomorrow Man
November 27, 1989
The search for the shrine takes our gang to Paris, where it has fallen into the hands of a psychic.
3. Homecoming
September 16, 1989
The search for the shrine brings Daniel back to his old neighborhood and his first girlfriend.
Greatest Victory
2. Greatest Victory
September 30, 1989
Miyagi, Daniel, and Taki travel to Hong Kong and help the village fight off the Dragon and his evil henchmen.
My Brother's Keeper
1. My Brother's Keeper
September 23, 1989
Daniel befriends a young boy and passes on Miyagi's teachings in order to help restore his position as Chief of the tribe.

  • Premiere Date
    September 23, 1989