Kiddyzuzaa Land

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  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons
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The Magical Heart Of Kiddyzuzaa Land
10. The Magical Heart Of Kiddyzuzaa Land
March 9, 2019
Malice discovers the magical heart of Kiddyzuzaa Land and tries to steal it
Race To The Edge Of Kiddyzuzaa Land
9. Race To The Edge Of Kiddyzuzaa Land
March 2, 2019
The Princesses race Malice to the edge of Kiddyzuzaa Land
Princess Lillana's Teleportation Machine
8. Princess Lillana's Teleportation Machine
February 23, 2019
Princess Lilliana makes a teleportation machine but Malice steals it
Slime Clones
7. Slime Clones
February 16, 2019
Malice makes clones of the Princesses and herself from slime
The Trail Of Grapes
6. The Trail Of Grapes
February 9, 2019
The Princesses follow a trail of grapes into the woods of Kiddyzuzaa Land
Princess Esme Gets Sick
5. Princess Esme Gets Sick
February 2, 2019
Princess Esme gets sick with a mysterious illness
Malice's Maze
4. Malice's Maze
January 26, 2019
Malice builds a maze so that the Princesses can't get to her in time to stop her latest plan for world domination
What's In The Box?
3. What's In The Box?
January 19, 2019
Princess Isabella has received a mysterious box and Malice wants to know what's inside
Malice & The Beanstalk
2. Malice & The Beanstalk
January 12, 2019
A magical beanstalk is growing in Kiddyzuzaa Land and threatening to take over the entire forest
Snowball Showdown
1. Snowball Showdown
December 24, 2018
Princess Olivia is dreaming of a snowy winter, so Princess Lilliana invents a magical snow machine. In response, Malice decides to start the ultimate snowball fight!

  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2018