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In the sitcom Living Single, four female African-American friends live their daily lives as 20somethings in 1990s New York City. Their misadventures are made even funnier with the inclusion of their male neighbors. The series aired from 1993 to 1998 on Fox. Queen Latifah and Kim Fields star.

Living Single is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (118 episodes). The series first aired on September 4, 1993. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.4.

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5 Seasons, 118 Episodes
September 4, 1993
Cast: Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, John Henton
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Living Single Full Episode Guide

  • In this final episode of the series, the six friends say good-bye to the single life.

  • Max, Khadijah and Synclaire rejuvenate themselves at a spiritual retreat and question their futures. As a result, Max decides to have a child.

  • Synclaire disguises herself as a man to join an acting troupe. Khadijah may have found a new career.

  • A strange client helps Max believe in her ability to practice law.

  • Overton, Tripp and Russell pick up a beautiful, but criminal, hitchhiker en route to a football game. Dexter asks Regine to marry him.

  • Regine is enamored with a millionaire, who hires her to cater an important charity event. Max surprises Overton and Synclaire with a generous wedding present.

  • A dream sequence transports Khadijah and friends back to the 1960s as Motown-like singers. Singer CHAKA KHAN makes a special appearance.

  • Max's plan to date her former law professor is thwarted when she learns Khadijah had a brief affair with him. Regine and Tripp argue about proper roommate etiquette.

  • Regine wants to get closer to a new man in her life, but his dog comes between them. Synclaire and Overton argue after he loses money gambling.

  • Khadijah humiliates herself on a dinner date with professional basketball player CEDRIC CEBALLOS (himself).

  • Kyle and Max say good-bye to each other after Kyle accepts a new job in London. Overton and Synclaire continue their honeymoon in Hawaii despite some misgivings about marriage.

  • Khadijah and Regine meet their new roommate, handsome songwriter Tripp. Overton and Synclaire embark on an adventurous honeymoon cruise.

  • Max stuns Kyle with a last-moment declaration, Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard asks a depressed Regine to dinner and Overton and Synclaire finally get married.

  • Synclaire's prewedding party gets wild at Madonna's old penthouse. Kyle's younger brother causes tension between Kyle and Overton.

  • Synclaire helps Overton accept the loss of the Cleveland Browns while Khadijah and Max search for proof of a City Hall scandal.

  • Overton's additional job gets Max evicted. The women hire a male house cleaner.

  • On the way to an awards ceremony, Khadijah reminisces about the origins of the magazine and the early days of her friendships.

  • Choir director Kyle agrees to let Regine sing a solo in church--but she's a horrible singer.

  • The girls decide to take a Saturday night together to catch up and wind up at a gay bar. Kyle entertains his boss at Overton's pay-per-view boxing party.

  • While Kyle's out of town, Overton and Synclaire play house in the apartment but promptly get into a fight. Max and Kyle lie about out-of-town business and meet in a hotel, but Regine's hot on their trail.

  • Regine's job as a clown is anything but funny. Khadijah and Regine both claim credit for award-winning cookies.

  • Regines mother, Laverne, makes the society page when she begins dating a millionaire. Overton discovers his police auction purchase has more of a history than he is comfortable with.

  • Regine is hired to coordinate a wealthy friend's wedding, but begins to worry about him when she realizes his fiance is just after his money.

  • Khadijah worries that Charles has jeopardized his career by defending her at a snobby awards ceremony and angers him by asking his boss to smooth things over. Max buys herself an expensive massage chair that she won't let anyone else use.

  • After accidentally getting a starring role in a play, a flustered Synclaire turns the seemingly doomed production into a hit with her ad-libs. An IRS agent blackmails Kyle into teaching him how to pick up women.

  • Max's new boyfriend has never had sex. Khadijah worries about going on a vacation with her doctor boyfriend.

  • Khadijah freezes up when she realizes her date was the anesthesiologist at her hemorrhoid operation. Regine's first clients as a wedding coordinator are a strange couple set on holding their ceremony in a graveyard.

  • Kyle seeks revenge at his high school reunion, but the old class bully manages to turn the tables once more. Max enrages the garbage workers' union, which begins dumping trash outside her door.

  • Regine is the lone jury member who thinks the defendant in an arson case is guilty.

  • Khadijah sells 25% of the magazine to Majestic Publishing, and has to cope with a sneaky corporate liason, Jeremy.

  • Synclaire and Overton are surprised by the results of a compatibility test. Max pursues a waiter who won't date her.

  • Regine encounters romantic problems with her longtime boyfriend when she finds herself becoming attracted to Russell. Max and Kyle argue over parking spaces.

  • Max's withdrawal from the city council campaign has an unexpected effect.

  • Overton finally proposes marriage to Synclaire. Khadijah could lose her business because of a lawsuit.