MCW Rage TV Full Episode Guide

  • Robby vs. "Mr. 300" Nick Jeremy of the Rock N Bowl Express The Hell Cats vs Classics (Eric Martin, Tyler Stone) Eight-man tag match to declare the new #1 contender for the MCW Heavyweight Championship Gia Scott vs. Brittany Blake Ken Dixon vs Sean Studd MCW Tag Team championship: The Cartel (Joe Keys, Dante Caballero) vs. Guns 4 Hire (Paul Jordane, Bill Collier).

  • Lance Anoa'i vs. Rayo Robby! and Bobby! Vs. The Hell Cats Drolix vs. Brandon Scott MCW Women's Championship: Sahara Se7en vs Brittany Blake MCW Rage TV Title: champion Greg Excellent vs. Joe Gacy MCW Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship: The Cartel (Joey Keys, Dante Caballero) vs. Guns 4 Hire (Paul Jordane, Bill Collier Open Challenge with Appalachian Outlaws (Hoss Hagood and Bo Nekoda.

  • Candice Michelle & Melina address the crowd WWE Hall of Famers Paul Ellering and Animal Ryan McBride vs Hoss Hagood The Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz, Sexy Steve) vs Robby and Bobby MCW Women's championship: Sarah Se7en vs Tess Valentine. MCW Rage TV championship: Greg Excellent vs Ken Dixon Elimination Style Tag Match: ROH's The Boys vs Diaz and Johnny Clash vs Drolix and Chuck Lennox vs Capital Vice.

  • Candice Michelle addresses the crowd Joey Mercurys MCW Pro Wrestling Championship Coronation Gauntlet match Napalm (with The Bomb Squad and Kevin Eck) vs Dirty Money. MCW Rage TV Championship Match: Mr. 300 Nick Jeremy of the Rock 'N Bowl Express vs Greg Excellent Three-way dance: Anthony Henry vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Brandon Scott Punk Rock All-Stars vs The Hell Cats.

  • Presentation of the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Trophy & Belt Bunkhouse Battle WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash addresses the crowd "Swipe Right" Joe Keys vs Anthony Henry Exposed Turnbuckles match: Ken Dixon vs Ryan McBride. WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas & Henry O. Godwin vs Rock N Bowl Express MCW Rage TV Title: champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) w/ Alice McCeary vs Dante Caballero w/ Charly Shae.

  • Swipe Right Joe Keys vs Brandon Scott MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center graduate Dion Epps vs Dante Caballero w/ Sahara Se7en Rock and Bowl Express vs The Punk Rock All-Stars vs The Hell Cats Dirty Money vs former Ecktourage partner Eric Chapel with Kevin Eck. Greg Excellent vs Rob Locke Drolix and Chuck Lennox vs The Winners' Circle's Rayo and Jeremiah Napalm with Da Bomb Squad.

  • Vicki Guerrero Last Chance Battle Royal. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat The Godfather Three-way dance for the MCW Rage TV Title: Champion Dante Caballero vs Greg Excellent vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman No DQ, No Count-out Match: Napalm and Big Sean Studd vs Bruiser and Marcellus Prime Grudge rematch: Ryan King McBride vs Ken Dixon MCW Tag Team Championship: Champions Guns 4.

  • Night one of the 2017 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup: In a four-way qualifier for the Cup, Brandon Scott vs Lor Diaz vs Anthony Bowens vs Matt Macintosh. Lio Rush vs Ken Dixon. Qualifying Match: Joey Janela vs Maxwell Jacob Feinstein with Alice McCleary. MCW Rage TV Title: Greg Excellent vs Dante Caballero Qualifying Match: Shaheem Ali vs his Coast2Coast partner LSG.

  • Dark Match: The Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz & Sexy Steve) vs. The Classics (Eric Martin & Tyler Stone)Dark Match: Brandon Scott vs. Matt LancieBestia 666 vs. CocorroGreg Excellent vs. Danny FlamingoFred Yehi vs. Dante Caballero (c) by DQ in a MCW Rage Television Championship Match.

  • #1 contenders for the MCW Tag Team Titles: The Dixon Line (Joe Keys and Rob Locke) vs The Rock 'N Bowl Express (Stroker Lane & Thick Vic) w/ "Mr. 300" Nick Jeremy vs The Appalachian Outlaws (Bo Nekoda and the returning Oakley Woods) w/ J.P. Callahan, No DQ Match, Marcellus Prime vs Napalm Bomb, Rage TV Title Match: Champion Danta Caballero vs WrestlePro's Chris Payne, Chuck Lennox & Brandon Scott.

  • The Punk Rock All Stars (Shaun Cannon and Drake Carter) vs The Appalachian Outlaws wtih Colonel Callahan. Marcellus Prime vs Napalm after Napalm, The Dixon Line (Joe Keys and Rob Locke) vs Rock N Bowl Express (Thick Vic and Striker Lane). Chuck Lennox vs Bobby Shields. Mack Buckler vs Isiah Frazier. #1 Contender for the MCW Women's Championship: Renee Michelle vs Brittany Blake.

  • Maxwell Jacob Feinstein with Red Velvet and Maria Manic vs Greg Excellent Dante Caballero vs Brandon Scott #1 Contender's Match for the MCW Tag Team Titles: Guns 4 Hire (Bill Collier and Paul Jordane) vs Coast To Coast (LSG and Shaheem Ali) vs The Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve), vsThe Appalachian Outlaws (Bo Nekoda and Cousin Clay, Lio Rush vs Anthony Henry.