Minecraft City

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Ayano Aishi is starting her first day at Akedemi High and quickly becomes infatuated with fellow student Taro Yamada. Unfortunately for Yan-chan, Taro has also attracted the attention of several female students. There seems to be no boundaries for Ayano as violence, manipulation, intimidation, and deception are all on the table in order for Yan-Chan to claim Taro as her own...

1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 10, 2016
Minecraft City

Minecraft City Full Episode Guide

  • Nick asks Cory if he wants to go skydiving. Cory reminds him that his only fear is the fear of heights. Nick pursists and before you know it they're free falling with their wacky instructor Adam Rodriguez.

  • Nick and Cory decide to go get a pizza. Upon arrival, Uni sends them on a delivery. On the same dark knight (I mean night), Cory and Nick find themselves in Batman's BatCave. He brings them on a mission to fight the joker..

  • Nick tells Cory that a strange meteor struck the city. Upon further speculation, they find that it's a spaceship containing the superhero, Superman! Superman hasn't been on Earth for a while so they bring him to the pizza shop and art gallery museum.

  • Nick wants to go camping but Cory is afraid to leave the city. Without hesitation, he thinks of a way to bring the camping trip to the city. Things go a bit off the rails when the concrete jungle morphs into a tropical rain forest.

  • Cory and Nick try out the new restaurant down the street, Freddy Fazbears Pizza! A world of hurt ensues once they realize the truth about what happens after hours. Meanwhile Uni has already spent his five nights at Freddy's.

  • Cory is sick of his camera face so decides he wants to have it removed. Upon arriving at the hospital, Cory and SGCBarbierian come across an interesting doctor named Mithzan.