Smash Champ

Join the absurd animated series of Link and his journey through the many adventures of fighting games, along with his trail to sobriety of milk.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 7, 2016
Smash Champ

Smash Champ Full Episode Guide

  • Solid Snake and Link have to find their killer by only looking at his shoes.

  • Solid Snake is so close to finding Mr. G!

  • Solid Snake and Link keep rolling in the money, so much so, that Link finally gets his money bed.

  • Solid Snake has to pull out his ability to pick up langauge and fight King K-Rool.

  • Solid Snake and Link go to a party but only talk about their goals in the end.

  • Link and Solid Snake continue to fight for money.

  • Link and Solid Snake have to hide out because of their shady business.

  • Solid Snake has to fight Cream the Rabbit and Link is no help at all.

  • Solid Snake searches for Mr. G.

  • Solid Snake needs Link's help.

  • The champion of rank E is revealed and so is their plot.

  • Link is broken out of jail to fight a champion.

  • Link and JIgglypuff finally square off.

  • Picking up right where the last episode ended, Link must fight Metal Sonic Overlord.

  • With Game & Watch laid up in the hospital, Link is now motivated to defeat Jigglepuff at all costs.

  • Out celebrating his first victory, Link and friends come under fire by a group of Goomba's.

  • Link faces off against Shadow the Hedgehog.

  • Link starts his training with Mr. Game & Watch and admits he has a drinking problem.

  • Link continues his quest to become champion once again, his first opponent, Whispy Woods. Will he win?

  • After blowing a "really big match", Link, now reduced to being married to Chansey, decides to become a champion once again.

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