Boss Battles

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Machinima's comedic, animated sprite series, Boss Battles, pits a different iconic video game or pop-culture boss against each other in a no-holds-barred battle to the end.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
August 8, 2013

Boss Battles Full Episode Guide

  • It's Thanos vs Doomsday......who will win?

  • New movie star Dr. Strange takes on Dr. Doom. Who will win?

  • Wolverine, who gets triggered by gray pants which we relate to Jean Gray, fights Spider-Man. Who will win?

  • Epic 8bit fight between Star Wars' Boba Fett and Predator.

  • Hilarious 8bit Battle between Mario Bros' Wario and Mortal Kombat's Goro.

  • Magneto is tricked into thinking there was free pizza at the Colosseum, by Shredder and his crew of flunkies. Shredder reluctantly fights Magneto, and the result is what you'd expect.

  • Solid Snake searches for enlightenment and finds it without having to sit through fifteen different, 45-minute-long cut scenes.

  • Sonic's attempt to get into Samus' Mystic Cave Zone is cut short by a battle between Ridley and Metal Overlord.

  • One's got a brain the size of the internet with a murder/science fetish. The other is a living brain that vomits explosives. Yeah, we had to do a Boss Battle for GLaDOS and Mother Brain.

  • Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Wily go head-to-giant-head in a cybernetic, pixelated death match.