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Animated comedy series about players in an online multiplayer world that have to cope with having the world's worst noob as a teammate.

5 Seasons, 44 Episodes
January 27, 2012
Action & Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Dyana Liu, Christine Ko, Amy Okuda, Alice Wen

BFFs Full Episode Guide

  • In case you missed an episode, relive all the glory that is BFF Season 5 one more time.

  • The professional needs a few more friends to help him.

  • The BFFs are getting mixed orders from their Squad Leader.

  • The BFFs are criminals and they need to make the Heist.

  • How long does it take to grab a grenade out of an ammo crate?

  • Hotwire is the best way to level up and earn money.

  • The Engineer needs to redeploy, but who will he spawn on?

  • You better watch your back for spawning enemies.

  • The Noob is tired of his knife and is ready for an Icicle Knife.

  • RPGs are starting to be a problem in Hotwire.

  • It's getting late and the BFFs are looking for one good match.

  • The BFFs are collecting Blood Money in Battlefield Hardline.

  • Engineer becomes obsessed with the Rail Gun and won't share with anyone else.

  • The Satellite Phone no longer belongs to the sniper class in Hardline. How will the mechanic react when confronted?

  • Noob decides to live stream a match which irritates the rest of the team.

  • The BFFs are back! In the season 5 premiere, the squad argues why they should hotwire cars with the Captain.

  • In case you missed an episode, relive all the glory that is BFF Season 4 one more time.

  • Noob doesn't understand what it means to play on a hardcore server and his friends pay the price.

  • A game of musical tanks is played by Engineer, while Noob tries his hand at being a medic.

  • Engineer becomes addicted to SLAMs and enlists the help of Noob to help feed his addiction.

  • The LAV gets stuck on a barricade and the team must choose the best way to get it unstuck.

  • Medic, Recon, and Engineer disobey direct orders from their online commander

  • Noob discovers he has "mobile AA in his blood."

  • The BFFs attempt to locate the hidden Megalodon.

  • Medic and Engineer won't let Noob be a gunner, so he takes matters into his own hands.

  • Noob starts a gaming channel with Simon, but his "market genius" comes into question with the rest of the team.

  • Noob accuses Recon of taking his "jeep stuff" and hatches a plan to earn it back.

  • After being killed 20 times by the mysterious player in red camo, the Noob teams up with the Colonel to hunt him down

  • Engineer disagrees with how Noob reverse knives, is it one button or multiple buttons?

  • In the season premiere, the Medic, Engineer, Recon, and Noob contemplate the pros and cons.