Battlefield Friends

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In this comedy cartoon series, a number of friends gather regularly to play a video game called Battlefield. They undergo a series of zany misadventures in the course of playing their game regularly. Each of the friends plays a unique character in the war game, including designated roles called engineer, medic, sniper and ammo guy. The television show has attracted a loyal, enthusiastic online following. It even maintains its own Facebook Page! The cast includes Brent Triplett, Byran Mahoney, Tony Schnur, Nate Panning and Jon Etheridge. This series will appeal to people who enjoy playing games as an online hobby.

6 Seasons, 89 Episodes
August 9, 2015
Cast: Brent Triplett, Jon Etheridge, Nate Panning, Tony Schnur
Battlefield Friends

Battlefield Friends Full Episode Guide

  • In case you missed an episode, relive all the glory that is BFF Season 6 one more time.

  • Medic has jumped on the Hype train, has the team joined as well?

  • Engineer gets worked up over a fight in a chatroom and the BFFs team isn't helping!

  • The BFFs team picks a server.

  • The BFFs team get their tanks stolen.

  • N00b is trapped underwater and needs help from BFFs team.

  • N00b found a S.U.A.V.

  • Engineer spots enemy on the rooftop.

  • N00b and Medic found a method to take any objective without getting killed.

  • Missile truck is hitting the roof.

  • Engineer comes across a turret on the field.

  • The N00b is obsessed with getting Easter eggs.

  • The BFFs team try out the "Phantom Bow".

  • The BFFs team meets a very enthusiastic Rainbow 6 player.

  • The N00b gives the rest of the team some space, but maybe too much.

  • The BFFs team returns for an all new season, as the Engineer gets everyone together for a new game.

  • In case you missed an episode, relive all the glory that is BFF Season 5 one more time.

  • The professional needs a few more friends to help him play Hardline, but some of them are playing Battlefield 4.

  • The Battlefield Friends are getting mixed orders from their Squad Leader.

  • The Battlefield Friends are criminals in Hardline and they need to make the Heist.

  • How long does it take to grab a grenade out of an ammo crate?

  • Battlefield Hotwire is the best way to level up and earn money.

  • The Engineer needs to redeploy, but who will he spawn on?

  • On the Battlefield Block you better watch your back for spawning enemies.

  • The Noob is tired of his Battlefield issued knife and is ready for an Icicle Knife.

  • Battlefield Hardline RPGs are starting to be a problem in Hotwire.

  • It's getting late on the Battlefield and the BFFs are looking for one good match.

  • The Battlefield Friends are collecting Blood Money in Battlefield Hardline.

  • Engineer becomes obsessed with the Rail Gun and won't share with anyone else.

  • The Battlefield Satellite Phone no longer belongs to the sniper class in Hardline. How will the mechanic react when confronted?

  • Noob decides to live stream a match which irritates the rest of the team.

  • The Battlefield Friends are back! In the season 5 premiere, the squad argues why they should hotwire cars with the Captain.

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