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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (14)

Nintendo Quest: Power Tour was a web series that aired in 2015-2016 and was hosted by Jonathan Leung, Jeffrey Lowe, and Jay Bartlett. The show followed the trio as they embarked on a quest to find and collect all 678 North American Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games released during the console's lifespan.

The series was comprised of nine episodes, each about 10-15 minutes in length, and chronicled the team's journey across the continent. Their goal was to complete their collection in just 30 days, and they set off on a road trip in a vintage 1989 Nissan Maxima that they had retrofitted as a portable gaming rig.

Throughout their travels, the team encountered numerous obstacles as they raced against the clock to find all the elusive NES games. They visited multiple video game stores and even hosted events where they traded games with fellow collectors.

Despite their enthusiasm, the team soon realized that the task they had set out to complete was not an easy one. They were met with several challenges, including game retailers who refused to sell their inventory, rare games that were worth several hundred dollars, and run-ins with other collectors who were also after the same games.

The show also featured interviews with various experts in the world of video game collecting, including Frank Cifaldi from the Video Game History Foundation and Billy Mitchell, the world champion of Pac-Man.

Nintendo Quest: Power Tour was not just a show about collecting games, it was also about the bonds that form over a shared love of gaming. The show offered a glimpse into the world of video game collecting, and the passion and dedication required to complete a collection of this magnitude.

The team's journey was not without its surprises or highs and lows, and viewers followed their progress with bated breath. The show was equal parts entertaining and informative, and it provided some valuable insights into what it takes to be a successful video game collector.

As the team travelled across the country, they also explored different cities and towns, and the show offered a unique perspective on the North American landscape. With a mix of fun challenges, interesting characters, and plenty of nostalgia, Nintendo Quest: Power Tour was a must-watch for anyone who grew up with the NES or has an interest in the world of video game collecting.

Overall, Nintendo Quest: Power Tour was an enjoyable web series that offered a fun and unique look into the world of video game collecting. The series was a winning combination of gaming nostalgia, road trip adventure, and camaraderie, making it a must-watch for fans of this niche hobby.

Nintendo Quest: Power Tour is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2018.

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Episode Nine: Bonus Level
9. Episode Nine: Bonus Level
April 1, 2018
Rob showcases all the awesome moments that didn't make the cut from the other stops. Some real gems include a very rare game, and interviews with world class gaming competitors.
Episode Eight: Portland, OR
8. Episode Eight: Portland, OR
April 1, 2018
The final stop of the Power Tour sees Rob and Jay bring the film to Portland, OR as part of the world's largest retro gaming convention. With hundreds of vendors, this will be their last chance to secure games for their list and end the entire summer on a high-note. Plus, Jay and Rob share footage from other Power Tour stops in Edmonton, AB, Canada, and Cleveland, OH.
Episode Seven: London, ON, Canada
7. Episode Seven: London, ON, Canada
April 1, 2018
It's an epic episode for Jay and Rob as they bring "Nintendo Quest" to their home town. Between local radio interviews, friends traveling from England to be apart of the screening, and visiting game developer studios, it's a whirlwind episode that encompasses the largest crowd for a screening yet!
Episode Six: DuBois, PA
6. Episode Six: DuBois, PA
April 1, 2018
Rob sets Jay up for another secret competition with a world record holder, and they each find more rare games on their list. This stop is a special, "reunion-like," screening of "Nintendo Quest" with many guests and locations from the original film.
Episode Five: Columbus, OH
5. Episode Five: Columbus, OH
April 1, 2018
Jay and Rob return to Columbus where they filmed parts of "Nintendo Quest." In their trek, they come across a gaming holy grail, some familiar faces, and engage in a healthy dose of pop culture banter, en route to screening the film at the Gateway Film Center.
Episode Four: Houston, TX
4. Episode Four: Houston, TX
April 1, 2018
After their memorable time in Austin, Jay and Rob head to Houston to screen "Nintendo Quest" at the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Before the screening, they're invited to a private collection that takes up an entire house, filled with one of a kind merchandise!
Episode Three: Austin, TX
3. Episode Three: Austin, TX
April 1, 2018
Jay and Rob travel to Austin, TX to screen "Nintendo Quest" at Classic Game Fest. With a ton of game venders, both Jay and Rob have a chance to knock off more games on their list plus meet up with a few icons of the gaming industry, which leave a lasting and memorable impression on Jay.
Episode Two: Las Vegas, NV
2. Episode Two: Las Vegas, NV
April 1, 2018
After visiting the location of a famous video game movie, Jay and Rob travel to Las Vegas for a big community gathering where they're the guests of honor. More sarcasm, more game hunting, and more community spotlights decorate this episode in Sin City.
Episode One: Los Angeles, CA
1. Episode One: Los Angeles, CA
April 1, 2018
Join Jay and Rob in this inaugural episode as they hit the road to LA for the world premiere of "Nintendo Quest," in Beverly Hills. Rob discovers some Sega gems at a local game store and sets Jay up for a secret competition against a world record holder.
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Nintendo Quest: Power Tour is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nintendo Quest: Power Tour on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (14)