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There's a logical connection between television and video games - they both often use the same screen, after all - and gaming-related TV programming is a natural complement to the games themselves. Often the line between the games, the internet and traditional TV programming is blurred, and gaming TV ends up straddling the line between traditional media and new media.

The dominant force in gaming-related programming is IGN. Founded as the Imagine Games Network in 1996, the venture originally consisted of a collection of websites, each of them devoted to particular gaming platform, but in 1998 the separate websites were pulled together into one site under the IGN banner. In 2005, IGN was acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., and in 2013, the company was sold to publishing giant Ziff Davis.

IGN's programming offerings include regular gaming news reports, game reviews, game trailers and coverage of non-game topics that are typically of interest to gamers, such as comics and films.

IGN isn't the only source for gaming-related TV programming, though. Coverage of gaming topics pops up on broadcast and cable networks such as Fox and Spike, and the G4 network, as long as it continues to exist, still covers gaming and tech-related topics.

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