150 Facts You Didn't Know

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Think you know everything there is to know about everything? Think again. 150 Facts presents the behind the scenes secrets and gives you the inside scoop into top entertainment franchises, including Transformers, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. Brought to you by the creative minds behind Machinima’s #1 regularly scheduled daily show ETC.

1 Season, 2 Episodes
April 16, 2014
150 Facts You Didn't Know

150 Facts You Didn't Know Full Episode Guide

  • Celebrate the latest in an unending series of Transformer movies by learning the certifiably non-factual truth about giant space robots who turn into whatever cars General Motors is trying to sell you this year!

  • From minutes on minutes of searching the internet we found some of the most shocking facts that you didn't know about Avengers.