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Upon falling down Mt. Ebott, Cory and Frisk embark on an epic journey through the underground. They work toward getting home, breaking the barrier, and forging relationships with the monsters who inhabit the underground. Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Asgore, Undyne, Alphys and Mettaton are only a few of the friends they'll make.

3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
February 21, 2016
Cast: NewScapePro, Mithzan

Undertale Full Episode Guide

  • Cory and Frisk fight Asriel Dreemurr in a grand finale. It all comes down to this...

  • Cory and Frisk continue searching through the true lab and run into many Amalgamates including Endogeny, Snowdrake's Mother, Reaperbird, and Lemon Bread. They find some home recordings of Asgore and Toriel before continuing to turn on the power.

  • Cory and Frisk finally battle Asgore Dreemurr. Right when things begin looking up, Flowey shows up and ruins everything. The battle with Omega Flowey begins and Cory and Frisk have to fight to survive. We have an ending.

  • Cory and Frisk receive their pacifist and neutral judgements from Sans before moving on to finding some coffins. They enter the throne room and meet Asgore Dreemurr who tells them to meet in the next room. Cory emphasizes that he'll fight Asgore, and if he loses...

  • Before going up the final elevator, Cory and Frisk find out that Alphys has been lying to them. and they will in fact have to kill Asgore in order to cross the barrier. They meet a wide variety of monsters who tell them the story of Asriel.

  • Cory and Frisk find themselves battling with Mettaton Ex! Alphys has been locked out and can no longer assist, leaving the three to perform in a live stage performance. The stakes are higher than ever...will Cory and Frisk escape, or face death by glamour?

  • Cory and Frisk enter the Core and encounter some strange shadows. Alphys has a lot of trouble navigating them as her map doesn't match the structure. Cory and Frisk are left with bad advise in a room with more monsters than ever.

  • Cory and Frisk try to deliver Undyne's letter. Things go off the rails and Alphys thinks Cory has asked her on a date. She gets in her black dress and brings them to her favorite hang out spot--the dump! But oh no--Undyne is here looking for Alphys!

  • Cory and Frisk decide to go back to Waterfall and visit Undyne to make amends. They run into Papyrus before heading inside who attempts breaking the ice, but in fact only breaks the window. Undyne, Cory and Frisk begin their hangout.

  • Cory and Frisk continue exploring the MTT Resort and discover some strange characters including Bratty and Catty and the infamous Burgerpants. They chat with the workers for a while before deciding they'd like to head back and make peace with Undyne.

  • Cory and Frisk have finally arrived at the Core. They drop into MTT Resort and have dinner with their friend Sans. He tells a story about knock knock jokes and his mission to protect the two during their journey. He leaves them and tells them good luck.

  • Cory and Frisk finish fighting Muffet and get away scot-free! They run into Mettaton who sings them a song before sending them to the dungeon. Cory and Frisk are forced to run through the terrible colored tile maze! Alphys attempts to help.

  • Cory and Frisk (Shubble) wander into the third floor of Hotland. They come across Muffet, a frightening woman who has scared a monster into buying a spider donut. They find the prices have inflated closer to the core, so they pass on the purchase.

  • Cory and Frisk stumble into southern hotland where a situation unfolds...a bomb crisis! Mettaton reports on the criss. Whether it be annoying dog or Mettaton's screenplay, it appears everything in the area is a bomb!

  • Cory and Frisk wander through the Hotland overcoming puzzles and hopping from one dangerous platform to the next. Alphys attempts to help but usually her advice ends up causing grief. Cory and Frisk slowly make progress through the heat.

  • Cory and Frisk wander into the set of Mettaton's new show, "Cooking with a Killer Robot." They have to assemble the ingredients to bake a cake... eggs, flour, milk and... oh my... a human soul. Alphys calls up and says they should try a substitute.

  • Cory and Frisk wander through the Hotland and are forced to dodge lasers, jump across platforms and evade Alphys' dreaded status updates and phone calls. They encounter Vulkin and Tsundereplane as well as some monsters trapped behind lasers.

  • Cory and Frisk are face to face with Mettaton, the killer robot that Alphys created. It quizzes them in his game show where you answer correctly...or die. They do their best to solve the puzzles and move on. They also do some exploring of Alphys' lab.

  • Cory and Frisk fight Undyne in an epic battle. When Cory loses his toy knife, he decides it's time to flee. They run into Hotlands but stop to help Undyne when she passes out. They search around and meet two guards and the riverman... or riverwoman?

  • Cory and Frisk continue exploring the Underground, running into Moldsmal and Moldbyg. Cory kills Moldbyg in a fit of a rage and something overcomes him for a moment. They move on to lighted lanterns and solving a maze in the dark.

  • "hOI! im tEMMiE! jus a reminder, don forget my friend! if u has dog residues check out da tEM shop 4 all ur tEm needs and help tEM pay 4 colleg! after da snail farm, cory and frisk talk to gerson the turtle about where to find tEM village."

  • Cory and Frisk encounter Undyne once again and her deadly spear attacks. Right when they think they've escaped, Undyne corners them and sends them into an abyss. After hiking through some trash, they find themselves face to face with the Mad Dummy!

  • Cory and Frisk explore Waterfall, encountering echo flowers and receiving a troubling call from Papyrus. They enter a strange water filled room where Onionsan talks their ears off with sad stories. They then meet Shyren who needs to be cheered up.

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