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As it was once said, video killed the radio star, and music videos still rule the internet and televisions. For each single released by an artist, a music video is released to accompany it and tell the story of that song. Music videos are a great way for artists to give some backstory or even just show off some artistic talent. Often, what we hear and think a song is about is not often what the artist intended. Most songs come from a personal experience, and a music video is a great way for each artist to tell that story to their fans. Music centered television stations like MTV and VH1 still air blocks of music videos that feature the most popular and trending artists. Online communities and websites often circulate what they feel are the most popular songs of the time, or even showcase amazing videos by up-in-coming artists. Each song has what is often a short 4 minute movie that tells the story that conincides with the song lyrics and gives a deeper emotional meaning to the song.

1 Season, 295 Episodes
April 7, 2020
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Music Videos Full Episode Guide

  • This is your brain on Lightning Bolt! Prepare your mind for this brand new “Blow the Head” music video

  • Get lost in the city lights with this brand new animated music video for “SHIBUYA (GHOST II)” by Christian Rich featuring Jaden, Vic Mensa and Belly

  • Open up your eyes with this new music video for “Wake Up” by Lee Fields & The Expressions, released by Big Crown Records and animated by El Oms!

  • Keep on climbing with this new music video for "Split" by Society of Numbers!

  • Take a psychedelic trip into the mind of a maniac with the new video for the atmospheric instrumental, Lie Down in the Light by This Will Destroy You

  • Chicago's thrash 3-piece Oozing Wound show off their head banging disdain for humanity with their new music video Tween S^^tbag

  • From the album "A Day in the Life: Impressions of Pepper

  • Goodbye Moonmen

  • From The Rick and Morty Soundtrack on Sub Pop records

  • Open Mike Eagle and Father Perform "Get Schwifty" at the Adult Swim Music Festival

  • Warning! You might get the uncontrollable urge to dance when watching this music video for “Walk Free” by Brandon Coleman!

  • From the album 'God's Favorite Customer' on Sub Pop Records.

  • Follow the shapes. Check out this music video for "Misheard" by Moaning!

  • From the album 'Yes Lawd!' Illustrated by Rhymezlikedimez. Animated by Andy Baker

  • Directed by Robert Hunter and Elliot Dear. From the Album 'Singularity' on Domino Records.

  • Starring Tommy Wiseau. DIrected by Tony Wolski/Former Co.

  • From the album Separation. Concept, animation and direction by Tessa Chong. Illustration and animation: Lee Arkapaw.

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