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  • 2022
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (107)

My Mom, Your Dad is a light-hearted and captivating new social experiment reality show that debuted on HBO Max in 2022. Created by Emmy Award-winning producer Greg Daniels, known for his work on popular shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation, My Mom, Your Dad offers a unique perspective on blending families and the notion of finding love later in life.

The show’s unique premise is predicated on the theme of single, older parents looking for a second chance at romance. Central to this set up are two middle-aged adults, a man and a woman, both with grown-up kids, who are seemingly in search of companionship. But there’s a twist, the grown-up kids are in on the plan, but the parents are not. It’s an innovative reality series that takes the concept of blind dating to a whole new level, as the kids conspire to set their single parents up together, all under the hidden eye of the camera.

Throughout the course of the season, HBO Max takes viewers on a heartwarming journey that explores the dynamics of family relationships, love, companionship, and dealing with empty nests. The show deftly sidesteps many cliches associated with typical dating reality TV, instead focusing on mature relationships and the real-life complexities of blending two established families.

My Mom, Your Dad explores highs and lows of this situation. It's full of joy, surprises, awkwardness, and poignant moments that audiences can resonate with. While the show focuses on the blossoming relationship between the two main adults, it also sheds light on family dynamics - the bond between the parents and their children, the camaraderie shared by the siblings and the situation where the children have to witness their parent dating someone apart from their other biologic parent.

The charm of My Mom, Your Dad lies in its authenticity and its attention to the details in everyday life. Paying tribute to "the family unit" and the humor that naturally emerges from it, this show perfectly balances humor with a look at the raw emotions that such a situation can elicit. From laughter to tears, heartwarming family dinners to awkward misunderstandings, My Mom, Your Dad truly has it all.

And beyond the deeply layered family relationships, what sets the show apart is its ability to handle the subject matter with great sensitivity and humor. Its most inspiring aspect, perhaps, is how maturely the show deals with the idea that love doesn't have an age limit, and it's never too late to meet someone new and start a new chapter of one's life. It's a show that reminds viewers that every stage of life can be full of love, excitement, and promise.

The show features an engaging range of characters, each with their unique quirks and endearing characteristics. The thematic confluence of family, romance, and the often-uncomfortable reality of watching your parent date delivers a compelling blend of engaging storylines and heartwarming characters. It enables audiences to invest in and relate to the experiences presented throughout the series, making the show a wholesome, feel-good experience.

The vibrant and exquisite production values of the series keep viewers engaged, with the beautiful filming locations providing an aesthetically pleasing backdrop to the action. With a beautiful setting that adds another layer of charm to the series, the show absorbs the viewers into its world, offering an enjoyable escape.

My Mom, Your Dad is a delightful exploration of love, family, and the realities of dating in middle age. It's an emotionally resonant series that pushes societal perceptions about love and age, offering a fresh, mature perspective on reality TV dating shows.

This heartwarming series, with its unique approach to the dating reality format, brings in a whole lot of laughs, some tears, and the warming feeling of hope that love can indeed strike at any age. In the end, My Mom, Your Dad is not just about the kids setting up their single parents, but it's also about the journey of these families that they embark on together, sharing bonds, creating memories, and accepting change.

With its lovely mix of characters and the innovative premise, My Mom, Your Dad promises to provide entertaining viewing and offer a fresh take in an often overdone genre. The show is a reminder of the importance of love, family and companionship, making it a must-watch for those who enjoy family-centric reality series with an unexpected twist.

My Mom, Your Dad is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2022.

My Mom, Your Dad
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We Came To Do What We Came To Do
8. We Came To Do What We Came To Do
January 13, 2022
After discovering the identity of their meddlesome dating consultants, the parents learn their budding relationships come with conditions. Then, a surprise reunion sheds light on the future of one of the retreat's most celebrated couples.
I Got Me a Girlfriend
7. I Got Me a Girlfriend
January 13, 2022
After making the painful decision to leave the Second Chance Retreat, a parting parent gets their own chance to meddle. Later, the kids get creative with their final parental pairings.
My Rock Says Caution
6. My Rock Says Caution
January 13, 2022
After a shocking departure, the Second Chance Retreat's remaining parents get a chance to recenter with the help of a shaman - and some words of wisdom from their kids.
Bunk Buddies for Life
5. Bunk Buddies for Life
January 13, 2022
After the kids send one of the parents packing, the remaining moms and dads must rally for Trish's superhero-themed birthday celebration - and the arrival of a surprise guest.
It's a Phill Sandwich
4. It's a Phill Sandwich
January 13, 2022
Newcomer Joel embarks on a date with Trish - with some help from Whitney and Brooks. Meanwhile, Karen and Troy finally find time for themselves, Scott and DeNeia discuss interracial dating, and the kids face their toughest decision yet.
Jimmy Jam
3. Jimmy Jam
January 13, 2022
At the Second Chance Retreat, a tantalizing game of Truth or Dare gives way to a TMI talk about sex. Then, two new singles join just in time for date night - providing additional opportunities for the kids to meddle.
This Might Get a Little Weird
2. This Might Get a Little Weird
January 13, 2022
Fortune favors the bold as Noah, PJ, and Myles jump at the chance to give their parents some sage advice. Then, a poolside challenge offers the kids an opportunity to score their mom or dad an off-site date.
We're Like the FBI Right Now
1. We're Like the FBI Right Now
January 13, 2022
In search of love, seven single parents head to the Second Chance Retreat - completely unaware that their adult children will be keeping tabs on their every move.
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My Mom, Your Dad is available for streaming on the HBO Max website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Mom, Your Dad on demand at Max.
  • Premiere Date
    January 13, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (107)