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This paranormal investigation series combines elements of the typical ghost-hunting series with the documentary-like formula of a conspiracy-theory series. Host Katie Cook travels to site of reported paranormal activity in search of an explanation for the happenings. She explores both normal supernatural explanations, as well as the idea that secretive governmental agencies might be behind it all. The series is available on Amazon Video.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
August 27, 2016
Science Fiction
Cast: David Milchard, Julia Benson, Nicholas Carella, Daniel Bacon
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Paranormal Matrix Full Episode Guide

  • Paranormal Matrix explores evidence of ancient aliens preserved in rock, how astrology can accurately predict criminals, and the mystery and magic of crystal skulls. Watch what happens when Paranormal Matrix gets up close and personal with one of the most famous skulls in the world.

  • Ever wish you could know what your pet is saying? Pet psychic Marla Steele knows exactly what your pets are trying to tell you. Paranormal Matrix takes you on a fascinating World War II history lesson with a ghostly twist. Can crystal bowls be a vessel into your soul? Watch as a Paranormal Matrix correspondent searches beyond the physical realm.

  • Paranormal Matrix continues as a former Chicago cop finds out if she has what it takes to become a ghost hunter. Get first-hand accounts of paranormal activity at Old Tucson Studios. Could ghosts of movie stars of the past still walk the grounds? Make contact as ET researcher and contactee, Lyssa Royal Holt, leads a group session to attempt close encounters of the fifth kind.

  • Paranormal Matrix travels to Iceland with Stewart Swerdlow to uncover a hollow Earth. Take a spiritual journey with psychic Sunny Dawn Johnston, leading to an angelic pregnancy. In a remote desert location, experience the healing power of the moon. A former Chicago cop learns what it takes to become a ghost hunter.

  • See what happens to the Paranormal Matrix correspondent after participating in a spiritual ceremony held under a full spring moon. A successful sculptor finds the hidden inspiration for her work by undergoing age-regressive hypnosis. Hear the bizarre outcome of an unwanted pregnancy as we explore what makes us the way we are.

  • Award-winning reporter and researcher Linda Moulton Howe and Paranormal Matrix are first on the scene as a new case of cattle mutilation is discovered. Michael Schratt shows evidence the government reverse-engineered alien space craft. Hear secrets from the Army's first remote viewer. Learn what it's like to be dead from a man who made the round-trip journey.

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