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PBS Arts showcases an enormous variety of visual and performing arts, both contemporary and classic. In-depth interviews with musicians, actors and filmmakers illuminate the process of working in their chosen medium. Explorations of the passion dedicated to their creative abilities are intertwined with the history and cultures that influenced their work. Artists from styles as diverse as Emile Norman to Andy Warhol are explored, as well as musical experiences from Nashville to Tanglewood.

From the history of comic books, to the art of data visualization, to historic collections of painting and sculpture spanning from the 17th century up to the present, PBS Arts spans an incredible range of subjects that are sure to stimulate the curiosity of all audiences.

Episodes run about an hour long, and are suitable for all ages. PBS Arts creates dramatic, moving and timeless experiences of art and theater. The show is your ticket to the best performances and art galleries in town, without ever leaving your home.

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1 Season, 4 Episodes
August 17, 2011
Documentary & Biography
PBS Arts

PBS Arts Full Episode Guide

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  • Young Arts: Performances by the 2011 U.S. Presidential Scholars

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