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A 1978 novel by Irish author P.J. Kavanagh was the source for the swashbuckling British miniseries Scarf Jack. The story took place in 1795, when a rebel movement arose in Ireland to expunge the occupying British landowners. The title character was a mysterious figure who swooped down from nowhere to rescue various and sundry Irish citizens from the tyrannical excesses of the British. Things shifted into gear when an innocent traveler named Francis Place found himself unwittingly assisting Scarf Jack and his fellow rebels.

Scarf Jack is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on June 22, 1981.

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1 Season, 6 Episodes
June 22, 1981
Action & Adventure
Cast: Roy Boyd, Simon Cuff, Richard Greene, Keith Jayne, Griffith Jones
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Scarf Jack Full Episode Guide

  • Our series concludes with a heated duel between Captain Jack and Captain Gowan. Francis is in attendance and the pair take their guns and prepare to fight. Will Jack be able to win and secure revenge for the murdered Irishmen? Later, Sir William Wynne banishes Captain Gowan from his manor and Francis receives a surprise.

  • Captain Jack and Francis leave a party and Jack leads Francis back to his home and Jack explains why the British soldiers are hunting him. Captain Jack, disguised as the stranger Captain Edgerton, accuses Captain Hunter Gowan of murder and Gowan vows he will have a duel for his revenge. Sir William Wynne argues with the angry Captain Gowan about how the duel is to be conducted.

  • Jane and her son Francis dine at Sir William Wynne's manor and things get heated when the party begins to discuss politics. Later, Francis' mother inquires at to why her son went into town that day, but Francis declines to tell her of his business at the pawnshop. Caleb comes for the money at the manor and Captain Jack gives him a lesson on trust.

  • Francis returns home to his mother and reveals that he has taken her missing pan. Later, Captain Jack and Caleb discuss the precious amulet that Jack has entrusted to young Francis to sell on his behalf. Meanwhile, Francis discusses selling the treasure with an older friend, Joe, who directs him to a local pawnshop. Francis is nearly thwarted by the crafty pawnshop owner, but is aided in the nick of time by Sir William Wynne.

  • The story resumes with our hero Scarf Jack (Roy Boyd) paying dues with his friends at a local pub. Young Francis' mother sets off to find him and gets into a quarrel with some soldiers stationed locally. Later, Francis comes upon Captain Jack and helps him out of a sticky situation.

  • Fleeing from strife-torn Ireland in 1798, the mysterious Captain Jack (Roy Boyd) is pursued across England by the vicious magistrate Hunter Gowan and his hired thugs. Cornered and captured in Gloucestershire, the good captain is taken to the woods and immediately lynched by Gowan - only to be rescued in time by a daring young boy named Francis (Keith Jayne.) Francis helps to nurse the captain back to health. Now Captain Jack swears revenge upon Gowan and his gang and prepares for vengeance - even as Gowan discovers Jack's body is missing and begins to hunt down in turn.