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Seven Deadly Sins is a television show that is from Showtime. Seven Deadly Sins shows one of each of the seven deadly sins per episode. They show is part documentary, and part investigation, and even has some comedian like commentary to it. Morgan Spurlock is the host of Seven Deadly Sins. Morgan Spurlock is also the executive producer of the show. Jeremy Chilnick also helps to produce the show Seven Deadly Sins. It is produced by the company Warrior Poets production for Showtime. He made the show to be like an Alfred Hitchcock style television show. The show has topics that include greed, lust, sloth, rath, gluttony, pride, and envy.

Seven Deadly Sins (2009) is a History series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on December 29, 2008. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.9.

Seven Deadly Sins (2009) is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Seven Deadly Sins (2009) on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
December 29, 2008
Cast: Dreama Walker, Jared Keeso, Rachel Melvin, Ty Olsson
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Seven Deadly Sins (2009) Full Episode Guide

  • The Sins face Hendrickson with a plan that seems more crazy than logical. But with the help of the Holy Knights, they may have what it takes to take the Demon down-after all, the fate of the kingdom depends on them!

  • Ban and Meliodas face off while Hendrickson gets away with Elizabeth. New Generation Knights-turned-Demons begin wreaking havoc on the city, but even the Sins struggle to stop the chaos around them.

  • Merlin helps Meliodas reunite with Elizabeth. Together, they learn more about the curse and the betrayal from years ago is revealed. But before they can relax, Hendrickson unleashes the power of the Demon blood.

  • Meliodas faces Hendrickson and has more trouble when Gilthunder joins the battle. But there's more going on behind the scenes, and only Meliodas has what it takes to save the day!

  • King recalls his shared past with Diane. A lost memory, a shared connection, and the pain of broken promises.

  • Guila and Howzer fight their comrades in defense of Diane as she recovers from her injuries. But when Gowther jumps into the battle, can things turn in their favor? Meanwhile, Elizabeth tries to rescue her sister but runs into more trouble.

  • Elizabeth is kidnapped! Meliodas, Ban, and Gowther head to the capital to get her back. While they fight the knights guarding the castle, a king from a faraway land faces Hendrickson.

  • With Gowther on their side, Elizabeth and the Sins make plans for their next steps. But while they prep for the next battle, Hendrickson and his group of Holy Knights begin messing with the dangers of the Demon Clan.

  • Gowther reveals himself and the identity of the creature residing in his armor. As they fight the monster, Elizabeth is visited by a familiar face at the tavern. She learns a little more about Meliodas and his past.

  • Meliodas and the group continue to search for the remaining Sins. When shopping for supplies, Elizabeth and Hawk run into a strange young man named Alan while Meliodas, Ban, and King run into something much more terrifying.

  • Meliodas breaks free from the Goddess Amber, but he isn't acting like himself. With immense power, he takes on the Holy Knights without regard for even his own comrades.

  • Guila and two more Holy Knights appear before the final fight can finish. Stronger than before, they prove to be a real challenge. But while Meliodas recovers from his injuries, Veronica uses a mysterious stone to seal him away!

  • To win Diane's hammer, the boys sign up for the Vaizel Fighting Festival! They may make it to the finals, but will they be able to win when they're put up against some curiously strong opponents?

  • Listening to Elaine's plea, King fights Guila to save his companions, including Ban. With four of the Sins finally gathered, the Holy Knights prepare to take new measures against them.

  • A trip to the Necropolis, a time to face past regrets. Ban and King must come to terms with the truth about Elaine, but is King ready to accept it? And when a Holy Knight appears, their stay in the Capital of the Dead could be permanent!

  • The sin of anger is the sin that kills. The prophet Moses was prone to fits of rage. The mythic warriors of Sparta meditated in order to banish the sin of anger before a battle. Italian writer Dante placed those that committed the sin of anger in the "Fourth Circle of Hell," tearing each other limb from limb for eternity. Those who study demonology claim the sin of anger is really the possession of the body by the demon Ammon. Today, neuroscientists believe they've found the emotion of anger in the "amygdala." So, is the sin of anger demonic or chemical?

  • Simply put, the sin of sloth is the sin of the lazy. According to medieval theologians, it can doom a person to Hell. Some scientists suggest that the sin of sloth may actually be a medieval diagnosis of clinical depression. Is it a sin or a disease? The historical cures for the sin of sloth range from ancient Greek doctors who fought it with herbs, to medieval monks who prescribed prayer and fasting, to early-20th-Century doctors who battled "lack-of-pep" with grafted goat glands.

  • The sin of gluttony isn't mentioned in the Bible, but as early as the 4th century those of Christian faith believed that eating to much could send you to Hell. During the Dark Ages theologians believed there were seven ways to commit the sin of gluttony, from "eating too much" to "eating too daintily." Italian writer Dante said those who committed the sin of gluttony would be punished in hell by being force-fed toads and vermin. This sin is thought to be the cause of obesity and alcoholism--and crusaders fought against the sin with everything from religious fasts to Prohibition.

  • Christianity says lust is a sin but the Greek and Roman empires celebrated it. The history of the sin of lust reveals surprising twists--including Gnostic Christian orgies, Puritan anti-fornication laws, and exorcists who battled the demon of lust called Asmodeus. Today scientists believe the sin of lust maybe more genetics than choice... but can they prove it?

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