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This romantic drama is based on the poem "Man from Snowy River." It is a family drama that centers around Matt McGregor, a wealthy leader of a small town, and his children. McGregor's life gets more complicated when a childhood friend returns to town after the death of her husband.

PRO Films
4 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 23, 1994
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Guy Pearce, Josh Lucas
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Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Full Episode Guide

  • The Morell family holds Patterson Ridge as ransom in an attempt to settle an old score with Matt McGregor.

  • A family gang takes the town hostage; Emily may have her baby.

  • Victoria hates her job as a maid; Colin and Rob track down two thieves.

  • Victoria returns to discover Frank has left with the family money.

  • Josh's uncle arrives to get him; Rob gets into an awkward situation.

  • A tall, handsome stranger appears at Paterson's Ridge and Emily has to face her fear of abandonment a second time.

  • The town prepares to celebrate Foundation Day; Dann is stalked by a wild dog; Rob and Montana discuss their future.

  • Rob and Colin buy the stables; Montana confesses to Rob.

  • Colin and Emily move into their new home; someone kills Matt's new bull.

  • Housekeeper Mi Lei returns to look after Langara.

  • Duncan Jones faces his demons; Emily is confronted with her past and a secret which has haunted her.

  • Chronicle of the adventures and family life of a widowed father in late 19th-century Australia. Episode information to be announced.

  • Matt and Montana decide to enter the race; the housekeeper quits; Rob's old school friend visits.

  • Josh's emotional problems resurface when a relative turns up to claim him.

  • At Christmastime, Colin and Emily learn they will be parents.

  • Montana's (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) future is threatened when she is accused of killing the man who murdered her father.

  • Matt's friend, a renowned explorer, sets out on what is to be a doomed expedition yet refuses to abandon his quest even after Matt warns him.

  • Colin is stripped of his ministry and barred from the church when he comes into conflict with a misdirected church superior.

  • Kathleen must overcome the elements to get herself and an injured Mr. Gleeson to safety after their wagon crashes into a ravine.

  • A mysterious stranger who arrives in Patterson Ridge during a downpour plays matchmaker between Rob and Montana and helps Matt fix his wagon.

  • Emily (Sheryl Munks) invites an old school friend with a disreputable past to make a new start in Paterson's Ridge. With Andrew Clarke.

  • Matt (Andrew Clarke) is caught in a bitter feud over a drought-strained water supply. Guest star: Chad Lowe.

  • Rob and Montana (Guy Pearce, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) face numerous problems while trying to establish themselves as independent ranchers. Guest star: Chad Lowe.

  • Matt (Andrew Clarke) takes Luke (Josh Lucas) on an extended outing, hoping to forge a deeper relationship with the boy.

  • A traumatized young boy discovered in the bush by Rob appears to be responsible for a series of deadly fires in town.

  • Michael (Ben Guerens) is seriously injured in a fit of frustration when Kathleen (Wendy Hughes) refuses to go back to his father (guest star Lee Horsley). With Andrew Clarke.

  • Kathleen's marriage to Matt and her relationship with Michael are threatened by the return of her ex-husband.

  • Danni takes a very foolish chance that nearly kills her and provokes Matt to make a decision about her education.

  • The McGregors race against time to save an innocent man from being hanged after he is accused of killing a young woman.

  • Montana discovers the dangers of Australia when she crosses paths with rustlers who have been stealing Matt's cattle.

  • Matt and Kathleen's wedding day finally arrives, but getting the couple married proves to be more difficult than first thought.

  • Kathleen struggles with her fears about marrying Matt and copes with a frustrating business deal; a newcomer arrives in Paterson's Ridge.

  • Danni's beloved horse Nellie is one of many which becomes ill. Colin finds their mother's old tonic books and convinces her to try and make it up, to save the horses.

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