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  • 2021
  • 1 Season

S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies is a Mexican-American thriller series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in August 2021. This show is a unique exploration of the Mexican drug war, combining the gritty realism of the battlefield and the supernatural horror of the zombie apocalypse.

The story of S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies takes place in a fictional world where a Mexican drug cartel called Santa Sangre has seized power and established a narco-state in the northern part of the country. The situation is so dire that the United States government has just authorized a military intervention to take down the violent criminal group.

The focus of the series is on a group of Mexican soldiers who have been captured and tortured by Santa Sangre. One member of the group, Alejandro, manages to escape and stumbles upon a secret military research lab where he witnesses the creation of a virus that turns people into zombies. Alejandro becomes infected, but manages to fight off the virus with his extraordinary willpower and military training.

As Alejandro searches for a way back to his unit, he discovers that the virus has already begun to spread, and he finds himself in the middle of a terrifying battle between soldiers and zombies. He must use his skills as a soldier to fight off the zombie hoards and get back to his unit, so they can complete their mission to take down Santa Sangre and end the narco-state.

One of the unique features of S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies is its blending of two separate genres: military action and horror. The show is graphic and brutal, with intense gunfights and hand-to-hand combat scenes that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. However, the show also features some genuinely terrifying zombie sequences, with lots of gore and jump scares that will keep viewers up at night.

At the heart of the series is Alejandro's journey from prisoner to reluctant hero. As he fights his way through the zombie apocalypse, he meets a diverse cast of characters, including surviving civilians, former cartel members, and corrupt government officials. Each of these characters has their own complex backstory, and the show does an excellent job of developing them over the course of the season.

Another strength of the series is its backdrop of the Mexican drug war. While the show is fictional, it draws inspiration from real-world events and presents a bleak and unflinching portrayal of the violence and corruption that has plagued the country for years. The show explores themes of power, morality, and survival, and asks difficult questions about the role of the military and the government in fighting against drug cartels.

Overall, S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies is a highly entertaining and engaging series that will appeal to fans of both military action and horror. The show's blend of genres and themes creates a unique and engaging world that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. With its great characters, intense action, and chilling horror sequences, it's sure to be a hit with fans of the zombie genre.

S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on August 6, 2021.

S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies
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We Are Not Animals
8. We Are Not Animals
August 6, 2021
An epic apocalyptic battle puts everyone to the test and old enemies must become allies. Outnumbered by the US Army, the zombies show a surprising intelligence. Marroquín must attempt another amazing escape.
The Devil Lurks
7. The Devil Lurks
August 6, 2021
Murdoch takes extreme measures to contain the crisis, but Snowman has other plans. Dávila and Lilia face an unexpected ambush. Lucas’s attempts to save an old friend put him in grave danger, and Marroquín realizes that his enemies have found him.
6. Chocolates
August 6, 2021
A zombie is tormented by his human memories. A secret mission ends badly when the US Army Rangers face an enemy that seems to be bulletproof. Valencia must break an oath. Romeo is hunted by his own past, and Chainsaw uses his abilities to capture a monster.
The Perfect Soldier
5. The Perfect Soldier
August 6, 2021
When Snowman’s experiments on an infected human fail, Murdoch agrees to get more human subjects. Agent Taft discovers a clue about Marroquín. Lilia escapes from an enemy thanks to Dávila’s help.
Friends and Enemies
4. Friends and Enemies
August 6, 2021
The zombie army recruits new members. Marroquín discovers that one of his men is a traitor, and a new danger hunts Lucas, who realizes that something strange is happening. Becerril gets closer to his human enemies.
No Bosses
3. No Bosses
August 6, 2021
Snowman’s plans to expand his experiments take an unexpected turn. Despite being fired and threatened, Lilia decides to keep going and interview the world’s most wanted fugitive. DEA agent Taft breaks the chain of command and sets out on a personal quest. Meanwhile, Lucas disobeys his father’s orders.
The Boss Is Back
2. The Boss Is Back
August 6, 2021
When Marroquín reunites with his son Lucas, he realizes that being a father is more difficult than running a criminal empire. Becerril and his elite unit realize they have underestimated their opponent. The effects of the US Army secret experiment keep spreading.
The Breakout
1. The Breakout
August 6, 2021
Drug lord Alonso Marroquín is about to be extradited to the US, but an elite police unit, the DEA, the corrupt prison warden and a rival cartel all have other plans for him. Across the border, on a secret US military base, a secret experiment yields an unexpectedly dangerous result.
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S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies is available for streaming on the Amazon Prime Video website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies on demand at Amazon Prime.
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    August 6, 2021