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  • 2010
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.0  (1,251)

Spirited is an Australian television series that first aired in 2010 on W Channel. Starring Claudia Karvan as Suzy Darling, a dentist who unexpectedly finds herself able to communicate with the spirit world. Spirited follows Suzy as she navigates her newfound gift and the strange world that comes along with it.

Suzy is a functional alcoholic who struggles with her personal life, including her failing marriage with her husband Steve Darling (played by Rodger Corser). Despite her alcoholism, Suzy is a talented dentist who loves her work and is dedicated to her patients. Her life changes forever when she meets Henry Mallet (played by Matt King), a ghost who haunts her house. Henry is a suave and confident ghost, who enjoys drinking and smoking cigars. Suzy initially tries to ignore Henry, but he is persistent and eventually convinces Suzy to help him resolve some unfinished business from his life.

As Suzy begins to communicate with Henry more frequently and he starts to trust her, Suzy discovers a whole new world beyond the living. She learns there are many different types of spirits, including those who are benevolent and those who are malevolent. Suzy's gift also puts her in contact with other people who have different abilities, including those who can see ghosts or have psychic powers.

The series is a blend of drama, comedy, and supernatural elements. The show is shot beautifully, with stunning cinematography and production design. The dialogue is witty and sharp, with excellent comedic timing by all actors. Claudia Karvan is particularly outstanding as the flawed and complex Suzy. She portrays Suzy’s struggles with her addiction, relationships, and her duty to the spirits she encounters in a raw and honest manner.

Spirited is a unique and refreshing show that explores the themes of addiction, mortality, loss, and love with sensitivity and nuance. At its core, Spirited is a show about the human condition, and how it is possible to find redemption, happiness, and love even in the most unexpected places. It is also a show about the power of empathy, and how the ability to understand and communicate with others, even those from beyond the veil, can help people grow and heal.

Although Spirited only lasted for two seasons, it made a significant impact on Australian television. The show was nominated for several awards, including the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Drama Series, and was well received by audiences and critics alike. Spirited is a memorable and moving show that is sure to captivate anyone who enjoys supernatural dramas or character-driven stories.

Spirited is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on August 24, 2010.

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I'll Close My Eyes
10. I'll Close My Eyes
September 20, 2010
Henry's world crumbles, literally, when he and Suzy learn The Elysian must be demolished and they are forced to extreme lengths to save him from going down with it.
Yesterday's Hero
9. Yesterday's Hero
August 13, 2010
While Zac is busy consulting on the biopic of Henry's life, Jonquil is inspired to host a 'healing ceremony' for the King's victims with unexpected results.
The Real Thing
8. The Real Thing
September 10, 2010
An older flesh and blood version of Henry Mallet turns up on Zac's doorstep, claiming that he never died. While Zac takes him at his word, Suzy and Henry somewhat confused, attempt to find the truth.
Dancing in the Dark
7. Dancing in the Dark
August 30, 2010
Suzy has discovered she has more in common with her long lost mother than she could ever have imagined, which leads to an astonishing revelation for Suzy and Henry
If You See Her, Say Hello
6. If You See Her, Say Hello
August 23, 2010
Ghosts are disappearing but Henry is unconcerned until they realise Rita's pretty new friend is getting a thrill from 'liberating' spirits.
Sweet Child O'Mine
5. Sweet Child O'Mine
August 16, 2011
Suzy and Henry are inspired to try Internet dating to find a suitable candidate for Henry to possess, while Jonquil must cope with the return of her adored, long lost mother.
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
4. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
August 9, 2011
Henry accidentally possesses Zac and rediscovers the sensuous joys of a living, breathing body, including cheese, smoking, beer and, hopefully, sex.
Alone with You
3. Alone with You
August 2, 2011
Suzy finds herself the object of a new, powerful and charismatic ghost's attention but his designs on her prove more sinister than sexy when his shocking past is exposed.
Time After Time
2. Time After Time
July 26, 2011
Henry's attempts to remedy the ghost situation hit a snag and Potter the cat must go to extraordinary lengths to help him put things right.
1. Changes
July 19, 2011
Henry Mallet returns to the Elysian with a coterie of new ghosts whose fun and games wreak havoc on Suzy's personal and professional life.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 24, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (1,251)