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  • 1981
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (20)

That Beryl Marston..! is a refreshing comedy-drama television series that first aired in 1981 on BBC One. The show is the brainchild of renowned British scriptwriters Janey Preger and Jon Watkins, who are known for their witty and engaging storylines. Conceptualized and produced by Christopher Bond, the sitcom effectively portrays the comedic yet sentimental circumstances of a widow’s life.

The title unabashedly places emphasis on the protagonist, Beryl Marston, portrayed by the brilliant Geraldine McEwan. Beryl is a mature, vibrant, and independent woman who runs her own antique shop in Brighton, England. Known to be headstrong yet lovable, Beryl lives a fairly content life despite being a widow from an early age. The show tactfully utilizes her personal circumstances as a springboard to depict humorous sequences often coupled with irony, wit, and a fair bit of satire.

Although the storyline revolves around Beryl, she is well-supported by a quirky and eccentric ensemble of characters who help to further engage the audience. Elaine Stritch as Gert, a meddling and spunky American friend, and Maria Aitken as economically challenged upper-class woman Trixie Richards, are some of the vividly drawn characters that add a generous spoonful of charm and individuality to this well-crafted series. The chemistry between these characters is an endearing blend of camaraderie and shared experience, which provides comic relief, while also tackling the realities of bereavement and independence.

Another unique feature of the show is how Beryl talks directly to the audience. This breaking of the 'Fourth Wall' gives the character a personal touch and builds a stronger emotional connection with the viewer. Her anecdotes, pieces of wisdom and occasional life lessons, delivered with her dry humor and characteristic nonchalance, become her signature style.

Set in the elegant seaside town of Brighton, the show presents an authentic backdrop replete with vibrant streets, vintage stores, and cosy houses that enhance the mood and setting of the series. The script pulls comedy from everyday scenarios – be at Beryl's shop, where she finds herself often dealing with eccentric customers, or at parties and social gatherings where she manages to surprise with her quirky antics. All this is complemented by beautiful cinematography and visuals that make the show appealing to the eye.

From a creative perspective, That Beryl Marston..! is both breezy and sharp in equal measure. Grounded in poignant moments drawn from everyday life, the narrative weaves a rich tapestry of human relationships, social norms and the idiosyncrasies of individual character traits. The plot continuously builds and develops, gently crafting moments of empathy, warmth, and wit, while also capturing the rawness of genuine human emotions.

Geraldine McEwan's portrayal of the titular character is remarkably captivating. With her unyielding charm and charisma, and natural flair for comedy, she effortlessly brings the character of Beryl to life. Her stellar performance subtly underlines the strength, independence, and resilience of a woman dealing with the loss of a partner, making her an inspiration for many viewers.

The show also manages to address several contemporary issues of the time within its narrative. From gender dynamics, social stigmas, to inidividual resilience, these nuanced themes are subtly sewed into the storyline, effectively exploring the sociology of its era.

From its smart writing to its impressive cast and scenic backdrops, That Beryl Marston...! is a one-of-a-kind British comedy that has aged like a fine wine, making it a timeless classic. It is a series that manages to convey genuine drama and raw human emotions, wrapped in the cover of humor, thus creating a balance between laughter and heartfelt moments.

In summary, That Beryl Marston..! provides its audience with a pleasant, engaging, and layered narrative. An underrated gem, the series holds a special place in television history, leaving a legacy that is remembered and celebrated even today. The show's successful blend of comedy, drama, and social commentary, all coming from the perspective of an uncompromising and lovable protagonist, makes it worth a watch. It gives audiences an insight into the life of a woman navigating her life not only with great resilience and independence but also with a great amount of hilarity.

That Beryl Marston is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on July 24, 1981.

That Beryl Marston
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Noel - Oh 'ell
5. Noel - Oh 'ell
January 1, 1981
It's Christmas in the Bodley household and all of Georgie's friends, as well as her aunt and uncle, have come for dinner. Could the Yuletide spirit be the chance of reconciliation that Phil has been hoping for?
4. Noctume
January 1, 1981
Gerry gets caught in a thunderstorm on his way to see his family, and ends up feverish and having to stay the night. Harvey insists on staying to keep an eye on him, but it is Georgie who gets into Gerry's bed! Meanwhile, Phil's hopeful that they will have had a "romantic reconciliation".
3. Rondo
January 1, 1981
Phil explains how his father's affair with that Beryl Marston came to light 18 months previously, whilst Georgie's best friend and business partner is left by his gay partner for a model.
2. Pax
January 1, 1981
Georgie and Gerry go out for a meal, but the night isn't what either of them had hoped for. Much to Georgie's later relief!
Say It With Flowers
1. Say It With Flowers
July 24, 1981
On the day her divorce is finalized, Georgie Bodley's freshly-ex-husband turns up at her home in hope of wooing her back, having left his mistress, Beryl Marston. At the same time, Georgie has arranged a date with another man.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 24, 1981
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (20)