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The evil wizard, Simbala, sprays a fluid on Don Coyote and friends which shrinks them in size. The Adventures Of Don Coyote And Sancho Panda is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 1990.

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1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 16, 1990
Action & Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Frank Welker, Don Messick, Tim Curry, Renae Jacobs
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The Adventures Of Don Coyote And Sancho Panda Full Episode Guide

  • Faith guides Don Coyote as he searches for a church bell to replace one accidentally destroyed. He unknowingly tricks pirate Jacques Boutique out of a treasure and replaces the original bell with one made of gold.

  • Don Coyote and Sancho meet a young couple wanting to marry against the wishes of their families. When the evil Grundel steals away the bride, the families are forces to resolve their differences and unite to save the girl.

  • A wrong turn on a vacation accidentally lands Don Coyote and Sancho in the desert where they discover a Sultan who is planning on invading Spain.

  • The King gives all his gold to Tuton the Terrible in order to save his kingdom but Tuton's emissary wants the kingdom for himself. Don Coyote saves the kingdom and the gold - in spite of himself.

  • What appears to be a kidnapping is really the Contessa de Ville eloping with her commoner boyfriend.

  • Don Coyote and Sancho are bestowed with he duty of looking after Prince Carlos, the baby son of the King of Spain.

  • Don Coyote thwarts the villainous Count Riffraffle's attempt to take over the throne by using Vincente's inventions. Vincente is declared winner of the best Invention contest and becomes the court inventor.

  • Don Coyote and Sancho go from dragon slayers to dragon savers when they rescue one of the last remaining dragons - and help him find his way back home to home and family.

  • Sancho is appointed the new governor of an island after saving King Hernando's life. Don Coyote and temporary sidekick, Geraldo, prevent pirates from doing away with Sancho.

  • While attempting to eliminate Don Coyote, Humberto and Desiree meet up with El Gordo, the ghost that guards the Buckingham Chalice. Together, Don Coyote and El Gordo prevent Humberto and Desiree from stealing the sacred cup.

  • Don Coyote is granted a magnificent steed after winning the Royal Tournament. With two horses, Don Coyote decides to give Rosinate a rest. Rosinate misinterprets and leaves his pasture to find work elsewhere.

  • The Baron sabotages Cybele's chance of winning much needed prize money from a steeplechase. Don Coyote volunteers his services by entering Rosinate in the Race.

  • Don Coyote is framed by a marauding look-alike. However, the real Don Coyote steps forward when a damsel calls out for help.

  • King Andalay's throne is threatened by his nephew, Prince Picante. To keep Don Coyote and Sancho from helping Andalay, Picante enlists the aid of madame Moronique.

  • When Sancho decides he wants to be a knight, Don Coyote decides to personally teach him the finer points. But after barely surviving some attacks and being rescued by the fair maiden Carlotta, Sancho decides he'd rather remain a squire.

  • Ichmed and his barbarian soldiers set out to capture the King's throne by using Vincente, the genius inventor. The inventor is tricked into creating a huge magnet to defeat the King's mechanical army. Don Coyote foils the attempts by remanufacturing the army into wood.

  • Don Coyote and Sancho rescue Lenore from the clutches of Dr. Sinistra. While plodding through the dark forest, they meet up with Count Fangula who decides to take Lenore as his love interest.

  • Don Coyote saves a small seaside village from the Vikings. As his reward, the villagers offer Brunhilt the Buxom.

  • Don Coyote angers a troupe of actors when he keeps disrupting rehearsals to "save" the far maiden actress. But the leading man and stunt man are really thieves and only Rosinate and Dapple know the truth. With their help, Don Coyote blunders his way to the rescue.

  • Rosinate is abducted by a group of cavemen who want to fatten him up for a sacrifice. Don Coyote and Sancho arrive just in time to rescue him from a horse-eating tyrannosaurus.

  • A couple of gold diggers trick Don Coyote into believing that his knight's license has expired.

  • Jacques Boutique disguises himself as a maiden in distress in order to capture a ship. Don Coyote mistakes him for a real lady whom he must rescue. His chivalrous acts cause Jacques to go insane.

  • Rodrigo and Pedro use a genie to depose King Felipe. Don Coyote and Sancho try to retrieve the genie and thwart Rodrigo's plan to marry Luisa and take control of the kingdom.

  • The evil Blue Baron threatens a small village when they defy and order to pay his tributes. The Baron meets his match when Don Coyote mistakes him for a "dreaded flying gargoyle".

  • The evil wizard, Simbala, sprays a fluid on Don Coyote and friends which shrinks them in size.