The New Adventures Of Zorro

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The new adventures of Zorro is an animated series that follows Don Diego, a man of wealth and social standing, and his fight against injustice in Spanish California. Don Diego (voiced by Henry Darrow) fights against the villainous leader of the local garrison, Captain Ramon (voiced by Eric Mason). Unmistakable in his trademark mask and cape and mounted on his stallion Tempest, Zorro and his sidekick Miguel (Julio Medina) are regarded as heroes by the Los Angeles citizens.

Zorro, a master swordsman, often finishes his duels with three slashes in a Z pattern rather than harming his opponent. Along with Miguel, also accomplished with a sword, they ensure that Captain Ramon's isn't able to implement his oppressive schemes in his quest for personal gain. Each episode ends by reinforcing the morality aspect of the episode. There is also a quick lesson on the Spanish influence, whether through language or history, on our present day lives.

Saturday Morning TV
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 12, 1981
Action & Adventure, Classic
Cast: Earl Boen, Jeannie Elias, Pat Fraley
The New Adventures Of Zorro

The New Adventures Of Zorro Full Episode Guide

  • Zorro attempts to rescue a female traveler whom Ramon has imprisoned for failure to pay an unreasonable traveler's tax. What no one knows is that she is really the King's sister travelling incognito.

  • Zorro must outwit Lucia the Pirate, as well as Captain Ramon to recover the fortune in taxes that is being shipped to Spain.

  • A young writer's fascination with Zorro causes undue complications in Los Angeles when the writer decides to pose as Zorro in order to research his writing.

  • Bandit General Belasco kidnaps the Governor General and Maria in a cunning plan to take over the government. But Zorro spoils his plans, defeating him and rescuing Maria.

  • Captain Ramon has commandeered Fray Gaspar's Mission in order to build a new fort. But as quickly as Ramon puts it up, Zorro tears it down!

  • Captain Ramon sets a devious trap for Zorro and Miguel in the crumbling ruins of an old fort.

  • Zorro and Miguel allow themselves to be captured and shipped to the Penal Colony in order to free the innocent prisoners.

  • A cruel General sent to restore order to Los Angeles has even Captain Ramon intimidated by the new reign of terror imposed on Los Angeles. Zorro finds a way to strip the tyrant of his power once and for all.

  • A master swordsman sent from Spain to aid Captain Ramon poses as a masked crusader for justice in order to win Zorro's confidence and then double cross him. The swordsman has a change of heart when he witnesses Ramon's wrongdoings firsthand.

  • Captain Ramon has concocted a series of incidents to make it look as though Zorro has turned against the people. With the help of a young boy, Zorro exonerates himself, showing Captain Ramon to be the real culprit.

  • With the help of Lucia the Pirate, Zorro breaks the blockade of a Los Angeles harbor imposed by a French warship. In the process he destroys a shipment of Ramon's cannons as well as aiding a group of Spanish immigrants.

  • Captain Ramon has built a dam and intends to charge the people huge fees for water. When a giant rainstorm threatens to burst the dam and destroy the village, Zorro rides on an urgent mission to destroy the dam and save the village.

  • Lucia the Pirate has buried a stolen treasure on an island, and Captain Ramon is hot on its trail. Only through a daring and elaborate plan is Zorro able to outwit them both and take the treasure for the people.