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Supercar was a children's TV show that ran between 1961 and 1962. The show was done by puppets and the technique used was called supermarionation in the closing titles of the last 13 shows. It was first seen on ITV in the United Kingdom and then it would be shown in America in syndication. This TV show was in black-and-white.

The show was about a craft that could land and take-off vertically. This craft was first created by Rudolph Popkins and Horatio Beaker. The driver or pilot was Mike Mercury. This team was based in Black Rock, Nevada. Like Thunderbirds, they would rescue people from all over the world. Jimmy Gibson and his pet monkey became members of the team after being saved by Supercar.

Garry Anderson produced this show and this show had his trademark sequence of launching of the vehicle. First, there would be the firing of the left and right engines. Then, it would be the opening of the skyward hangar doors and finally, the upward blastoff. Anderson would use this sequence until he made his live action TV show, Space:1999.

Supercar is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on January 28, 1961.

Where do I stream Supercar online? Supercar is available for streaming on ITV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Supercar on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Pluto TV online.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
January 28, 1961
Action & Adventure, Classic, Science Fiction
Cast: Sylvia Anderson, Cyril Shaps, David Graham, George Murcell, Graydon Gould
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Supercar Full Episode Guide

  • The famous ape jazz drummer King Kool lives near a friend of Beaker's. When the Doctor visits his friend, Mitch sneaks into his car to visit his drumming idol.

  • The undersea transatlantic phone cable is being tampered with. Two divers in the employ of Masterspy are tapping onto it to get top secret information. Supercar is called in to stop them.

  • An alien from a planet of dreams lands on Earth. Mike goes to sleep and begins to dream.

  • A man hires a helicopter which he intends to use to break a criminal out of jail. After the break out the criminals land at Supercar' s base.

  • Miniature atomic bombs are being planted in America. Supercar tracks unidentified submarines to their base where the team become trapped.

  • Popkiss is seriously ill and needs a blood transfusion. Mike must take Supercar to the North Pole to find the only possible donor.

  • Masterspy has become incredibly wealthy and offers a billion dollars for Supercar. When refused he plans an attack to get it.

  • A space rocket had been designed which only needs a minimal crew. Bill Gibson is to pilot it but Mitch breaks into it and launches it into space.

  • Lured to a an old house by a strange distress signal the Supercar crew are miniaturised by a mad scientist.

  • A plane piloted by Bill Gibson is hi jacked a group involving Masterspy. Supercar is called on to help.

  • Beaker builds a hot air balloon and the Supercar crew become trapped on it in the air with no way of descending.

  • A wine maker treats his young ward dreadfully. She dreams of being rescued by Supercar. When Popkiss orders some wine from the maker she smuggles herself into the case.

  • Beaker is helping to operate the first atomic train but onboard is a VIP targeted for assassination by Masterspy who sabotages the train.

  • Miniature atomic bombs are being planted in America.

  • Supercar is equipped with a new tracking device. Masterspy manages to steal Supercar but Mike is able to trace his location with the new equipment.

  • Jimmy shoots a film about Supercar but the processing laboratory is infiltrated by spies.

  • Gangsters are stealing from armoured cars in England. Scotland Yard calls on Supercar to help.

  • Masterspy takes Dr Beaker as a hostage in the desert and plans to trade him for Supercar.

  • Supercar lands on a Chinese Island where it is perceived as a dragon, a sign of coming doom.

  • Bill Gibson and Dr Beaker are driving temperature controlled unstable explosives across the desert when Masterspy tricks them into crashing. Supercar must fly to the rescue before an explosion kills Bill and Beaker.

  • While on a holiday in Ireland, Dr Beaker overhears a plan by two smugglers to kidnap the daughter of the owner of the Shamrock Inn. He calls for the help of Mike Mercury and Supercar.

  • Supercar crash lands in the African Jungle and its crew are stranded in what turns out to be a dangerous area.

  • An attempt by the New Zealand Navy to break the deep sea diving record goes horribly wrong and Supercar is called in to help save the trapped sailors.

  • Jimmy dreams he is the pilot of Supercar, piloting it to a foreign country where he comes to the aid of a princess in trouble.

  • Supercar is called in to help locate ancient sunken sea treasure. A gypsy warns of terrible consequences if they help.

  • Mike is testing Supercar deep underwater when water leaks into the craft destroying communication to the surface and making re-surfacing impossible.

  • Mike and Dr Beaker respond to a call from Scotland Yard to investigate the phantom piper of Iverlachain, a ghost-like figure that prowls the battlements of a Scottish medieval castle playing the bagpipes.

  • Lured to Nevada on a fake call, Supercar is taken over by Masterspy.

  • While on holiday, Dr Beaker attempts to track the location of an underground waterfall but thanks to the intervention of Mitch becomes lost and trapped in the underground caves.

  • While being equipped with a new control unit in England, Supercar is sabotaged, leaving it unable to fly.

  • When Dr Beaker hears his cousin in Malaysia is being menaced by Masterspy, he and Mike race to the rescue in Supercar.

  • A canister of explosive rocket fuel launched into space is plummeting to Earth and could devastate a city. Supercar must destroy the canister in time.

  • Mitch contracts a serious illness so Supercar flies to South America for the cure, where Mike and Dr Beaker encounter a tribe of head hunters.

  • A fast ship manned by Black Morgan, a descendant of the famous pirate, has been plundering cruise ships in the Pacific and as Supercar is the only craft capable of matching its speed, Mike is called in.

  • Masterspy effects a disguise to dupe Dr Beaker into helping him find a powerful diamond.

  • Mike is asked for help by the former leader of a South American state whose brother has usurped him and turned the country into a corrupt state. Supercar flies to the country but comes under fire while in the air.

  • Supercar crash-lands in an ancient lost city in the Amazon. Deep in a temple a mad scientist is at work

  • On its maiden flight, Supercar, piloted by Mike Mercury, has to find and rescue brothers Bill and Jimmy Gibson who are adrift at sea, in a thick fog, following a plane crash.