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  • 1961
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.9  (376)

Supercar was a British science-fiction puppet show, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and first aired on ITV in 1961. The show follows the adventures of the Supercar, a futuristic vehicle capable of flying, diving, and driving on land, as it is piloted by the eccentric scientist and inventor, Professor Rudolph Popkiss (voiced by Cyril Shaps), who is aided by his young assistants Mike Mercury (voiced by David Graham) and Dr. Beaker (voiced by George Murcell).

The Supercar is the result of Popkiss' research into advanced technology, and is equipped with a range of gadgets and weapons that allow it to complete a variety of missions. Its body is made of a special material called "Supercarbolite," which provides superior strength and durability, while its propulsion system is powered by a revolutionary new fuel called "Superfuel."

Each episode of the show follows the Supercar and its crew as they embark on a mission to save the day, often confronting dangerous situations and nefarious villains along the way. The show combines excitement and adventure with elements of science fiction and comedy, and is aimed at a young audience.

In addition to the Supercar and its crew, the show also features a number of other recurring characters, including the scheming villain, Masterspy (voiced by Graydon Gould), who is constantly hatching plans to steal the Supercar or otherwise disrupt the missions of Popkiss and his team. Other characters include the Indian mystic, Zarin (voiced by Sylvia Anderson), who provides occasional assistance to the Supercar team, and Dr. Horatio Beaker's pet mynah bird, Mitch (also voiced by David Graham), who serves as the show's comedic relief.

The show's puppets and models were designed and constructed by Derek Meddings, who would go on to work on a number of other Anderson-produced shows, including Thunderbirds and UFO. The puppets were operated using a combination of rod and wire marionette techniques, with the voice actors performing their lines in sync with the puppet movements.

Despite its relatively short run (just 39 episodes were produced), Supercar was popular with young audiences and remains a cult classic to this day. The show's legacy can be seen in the many other science-fiction and puppet-based TV shows that followed it, including Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Overall, Supercar is a fun and exciting science-fiction adventure for viewers of all ages. Its combination of futuristic technology, madcap characters, and thrilling action make it a memorable and entertaining addition to the world of children's television.

Supercar is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on January 28, 1961.

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King Kool
13. King Kool
April 29, 1962
The famous ape jazz drummer King Kool lives near a friend of Beaker's. When the Doctor visits his friend, Mitch sneaks into his car to visit his drumming idol.
Transatlantic Cable
12. Transatlantic Cable
April 22, 1962
The undersea transatlantic phone cable is being tampered with. Two divers in the employ of Masterspy are tapping onto it to get top secret information. Supercar is called in to stop them.
The Day Time Stood Still
11. The Day Time Stood Still
April 15, 1962
An alien from a planet of dreams lands on Earth. Mike goes to sleep and begins to dream.
10. Jailbreak
April 8, 1962
A man hires a helicopter which he intends to use to break a criminal out of jail. After the break out the criminals land at Supercar' s base.
Atomic Witch Hunt
9. Atomic Witch Hunt
April 1, 1962
Miniature atomic bombs are being planted in America. Supercar tracks unidentified submarines to their base where the team become trapped.
8. 70-B-Lo
March 25, 1962
Popkiss is seriously ill and needs a blood transfusion. Mike must take Supercar to the North Pole to find the only possible donor.
The Sky's The Limit
7. The Sky's The Limit
April 1, 1962
Masterspy has become incredibly wealthy and offers a billion dollars for Supercar. When refused he plans an attack to get it.
Space for Mitch
6. Space for Mitch
March 11, 1962
A space rocket had been designed which only needs a minimal crew. Bill Gibson is to pilot it but Mitch breaks into it and launches it into space.
Calling Charlie Queen
5. Calling Charlie Queen
March 4, 1962
Lured to a an old house by a strange distress signal the Supercar crew are miniaturised by a mad scientist.
4. Hi-Jack
February 25, 1962
A plane piloted by Bill Gibson is hi jacked a group involving Masterspy. Supercar is called on to help.
Operation Superstork
3. Operation Superstork
February 18, 1962
Beaker builds a hot air balloon and the Supercar crew become trapped on it in the air with no way of descending.
Precious Cargo
2. Precious Cargo
February 11, 1962
A wine maker treats his young ward dreadfully. She dreams of being rescued by Supercar. When Popkiss orders some wine from the maker she smuggles herself into the case.
The Runaway Train
1. The Runaway Train
February 4, 1962
Beaker is helping to operate the first atomic train but onboard is a VIP targeted for assassination by Masterspy who sabotages the train.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 28, 1961
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (376)