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Ice Cold Gold is a show on the Animal Planet channel that follows real miners in their hunt for precious metals such as gold, silver or gem stones. They are a group of eight men who are hungry to make a fortune as they hunt the globe. The show follows these miners into places that are harsh and have never been seen before. It is a window into the world of the dangers and thrills of mining for a living. The show is named "Ice Cold Gold" because these miners will be mining in Greenland. The miners face not only cold but harsh storms and wildlife that deter them from accomplishing their goals. Experienced miners, a geologist and even a contractor from many walks of life have exactly two months to find the gold and gems that they are told are present but that they must locate.

The life of a miner means that they are exposed to terribly harsh environments and unspeakable dangers. The series takes a look at the challenges these men will face in the cold environment that Greenland offers. They must accomplish finding the riches as the race the clock to beat other prospectors and large mining companies to their locations.

The series creates a bundle of stories for each miner. The miners each have their own individual fears and will face tough decisions as they use all of their skills to find precious metals. Some will sacrifice safety to get to the goods first. It is interesting to watch the way that age affects the decision of these miners who range in age from their twenties to well into their fifties. Each miner is unique in personality but the common bond of striking it rich brings the overall theme full circle in an action packed look at what being a gold and gem miner must do to strike it rich.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 27 Episodes
April 21, 2013
Cast: Americo DiSantis
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Ice Cold Gold Full Episode Guide

  • With only 48 hours left to explore Greenland, the jaws of the arctic winter are closing in on the miners of Sixty Degree Resources.

  • After an irreparable disagreement between Eric and Josh, the miners have split into two factions. Josh's team runs into ice berg- sized trouble as Eric and his team stay the course that was originally planned.

  • When fighting the beast within, every man has his threshold. After weeks of tension among the miners, they prepare to depart from Eqi. Butthe gloves come off for a fight between Eric and the Feldman's that may split the team forever.

  • The gold of Eqi might be Sixty Degree Resources final hope. The seven miners are about to reach their tipping point. Even though Saqqaq was a success, Cloud Island was a huge failure and their faith in Eric's strategy is losing steam.

  • In a last ditch effort to salvage Cloud Island, arctic expeditionist, Doug Stoup, leads the miners fearlessly across a fractured ice sheet to collect samples. In Ilulissat, Eric's scientific methods are wearing thin on the Feldman brothers.

  • The team become trapped and are surrounded by ice their equipment is destroyed.

  • After a week of exhausting prospecting in an unstable area of Greenland known as Saqqaq, our seven miners were able to make two gold claims potentially worth millions. A new addition to the team is introduced, a Greenlandic camp guard dog named Nuunu.

  • Eric, our lead geologist, continues to battle gold fever as he pushes himself and his team well past their limits in order to find gold. The miners have only two days left at camp to explore the three most dangerous areas in Saqqaq.

  • Now that time is an issue, Saqqaq and Eric push the team to explore every corner of the mountains surrounding their basecamp for gold treasure. After Jesse and Gator refuse, Americo, follows Eric up a deadly 1200 ft slope to sample for gold.

  • Operating on little sleep, our miners have split into two groups and set out into Greenland's dangerous landscape for a recon mission. While they battle the symptoms of sleep deprivation, one group of miners face a deadly valley with massive falling boulders.

  • Half the team discovers a possible massive gold deposit, the rest of the team finds themselves stranded 5 miles from camp.

  • After a possible brush with death in Iceland, the team discovers some devastating news about the 13 million dollar ruby deposit they have been working on for a year and a half.

  • A couple of miners might be stranded in the Arctic for all of winter.

  • With the season ending and winter closing in, time is running out. Josh and Eric arrive in Eqi, north of the Arctic Circle, for one last attempt at gold, while the remaining team members focus on dredging for rubies.

  • Forced to leave their precious Ruby deposit before Greenland devours them, the miners begin phase two of their operation as the time starts winding down for them to leave.

  • While Josh, Chad and John are down at base camp prepping the dredge to move to the upper lake, the Red Zone team are finding rubies in abundance, but with low food supply and pending bad weather, the team has to muster its strength to finish the job.

  • The team is divided with one half in the Red Zone searching for huge rubies while the other half works tirelessly to find gems in the river below.

  • The miners embark for the Red Zone and dive into the rich ruby deposit they discovered last year, but the temperamental weather, brutal terrain and extreme isolation challenge the miners' every move.

  • The American miners have their sights set on what team Geologist Eric Drummond believes could be the largest ruby deposit in the Arctic. But Greenland's wild frontier soon plays havoc as the team struggles to return to its prized claim from last year.

  • Greenland's a veritable beast, but the motley crew of ICE COLD GOLD miners is up for the challenge. Each thinks he has what it takes to walk away with gold, rubies and sapphires before winter and large mining companies swoop in.

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