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Nearly every culture on Earth has an alcoholic drink and or tradition of their own. Booze Traveler is a series which features the drinks and traditions of various cultures around the world. This series travels to exotic locations around the globe and focuses on the making of traditional drinks of many different cultures. The host of the show assists in there during the making of the drinks and then tests them for the viewers.

Booze Traveler is a Reality, Travel series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on November 24, 2014. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.4.

Booze Traveler is available for streaming on the travel CHANNEL website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Booze Traveler on demand at Pluto TV Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Mondays 10:00 PM et/pt on travel CHANNEL
4 Seasons, 78 Episodes
November 24, 2014
Reality, Travel
Cast: Jack Maxwell
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Booze Traveler Full Episode Guide

  • Jack has met his share of party animals during his travels, many with fur and four legs. He's horsed around with Gauchos in Argentina, hunted frogs in the Philippines, drank a cobra cocktail in Hong Kong and munched huhu's in New Zealand.

  • Jack heads to the Pacific Northwest to follow in the footsteps of great explorers. He drinks beers in a hot tub boat, takes a seaplane to microdistilleries on the San Juan Islands and tries a drink made with bacteria and yeast.

  • Jack heads to the Great Lakes to relive his favorite childhood summer adventures. He motors through the Silver Lake sand dunes, meets world champion lumberjacks, makes fudge on Mackinac Island and finds a boozy summer camp.

  • From a cocktail cooled with glacier ice to an ancient drink with Chile's first people, Jack discovers how the locals live, play and drink in a land at the end of the world.

  • Drinks of the American Southwest; one of the largest hot air balloon parties in the world; drinking with rodeo clowns; mind-blowing art instillation; hottest peppers.

  • The Chesapeake Bay is the land of great beginnings and Jack Maxwell is tracing its origins one drink at a time. He makes crude colonial cocktails, races blue crabs, hunts and traps eels and muskrats then finds the origins of America's first whiskey -- because sometimes you have to go to the beginning to see how the Chesapeake's boozy story ends.

  • Jack finds the Czech Republic's most magical elixirs and beers; he stumbles upon one of the oldest clocks in the world, drinks booze in a gingerbread shop that would make Hansel and Gretel blush and delves as deep as a dwarf in the Punkva caves.

  • Jack visits Italy. He consults a bronze pig for good luck; picks walnuts with a local witch; lifts a curse with brandy; and finds a spot in the world's smallest bar.

  • Jack experiences the art of living in France, one drink at a time. He explores the beautiful and brutal world of water jousting; drinks boozy foam in the French Alps with a couple hundred goats; and toasts the finest champagne on Bastille Day.

  • Jack heads back to his native soil for a boozy homecoming in New England. He gets to live one of his greatest childhood dreams at Fenway Park; sinks a British ship; drinks a bizarre beaver-spiked liquor; and learns what it takes to be a lobsterman.

  • Jack experiences the art of living in France, one drink at a time. He explores the beautiful and brutal world of water jousting; drinks boozy foam in the French Alps with a couple hundred goats; and toasts the finest champagne on Bastille Day.

  • Jack discovers the true wonders of the Caribbean Islands. Featured: drinking liquid dynamite at a hidden jungle bar; throwing back wild bush rum concoctions; and scraping away poison to purify beer.

  • Jack drinks in Taiwan, the greatest hidden gem of East Asia. He drinks with the Taiwanese ghostbusters; experiences a dazzling natural light show deep below the earth; and finds his Zen at a private spa with a drunken monk.

  • Jack meets the everyday men and women who've held up the crown.

  • Jack toasts to "Pura Vida," the Costa Rican secret to happiness.

  • Jack wants to see how the rugged Rocky Mountains became a world-class playground. He learns the ways of the mountain men, experiences the wildest winter festival, and finds his favorite drinking game.

  • Jack searches the jaw-dropping fjords for the old Viking magic in a bottle.

  • In the Season 4 premiere, Jack goes to French Polynesia to experience its highlights which include taking a whiff of Vanilla Valley, finding pearls, performing a forbidden dance, and going on a private island with clear water.

  • Jack travels to one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world where he finds mulberry moonshine, wine grapes from Noah's ark, and the brandy that changed the world.

  • Jack visits Peru and discovers spit beer, a frog smoothie, and the high Andes.

  • Jack explores Tennessee where he uncovers the surprising link between moonshiners and George Washington, a legendary whiskey brought back from the dead, and an old-timey rum in the heart of Whiskey Country.

  • Fish pickles, a fortress full of rare beer and barrels of Dutch Courage keep Jack afloat in the Netherlands.

  • Fish pickle, a fortress full of rare beer and barrels of Dutch Courage keep Jack afloat in the Netherlands.

  • Adventures include ouzo, a marathon plate-smashing bachelor bash, sheep and what's is told to be an ancient hangover cure.

  • The Green Dragon, stag semen stout, and rustling up some grubs.

  • Jack reminisces on the crazy experiences he's had in pursuit of a drink.

  • From shootouts at high noon and toasts with Nevada's craziest secret society to Sin City showgirls and a booze cruise on Lake Tahoe, Jack Maxwell gathers with the people keeping the West wild.

  • Jack Maxwell drinks with the Germans who create the world's best brew and booze. He attempts to play an Alphorn, observes a traditional Bavarian whipcracking contest, sips on anti-aging beer and meets a giant robot dragon.

  • A bundled-up Jack drills holes in Siberia's icy Lake Baikal and sips vodka from a straw on the surface. Then, he takes a shot from a Cossack's sword, sips deer blood and tries Polugar bread wine, the national drink of Russia.

  • Jack Maxwell summons the strange and magical energies of Madagascar and consumes its most potent spirits.

  • In his mission to comprehend why the Portuguese can feel so homesick, Jack Maxwell dives for a scarce seafood delicacy, visits Dr. Frankenstein's liquor lab, ascertains the Wine of Death and samples the crown jewel of Portuguese booze, Port wine.

  • After over 50 years of being cut off from America, Jack Maxwell visits Cuba! He gets cleansed in the country's most ancient religion, drinks rum, sees Hemingway's beloved Havana and enjoys the national drink, an iced mojito.

  • Jack sets out on a booze-soaked Croatian excursion. He sips wine with monsters; sieges a n ancient castle; drinks truffles in the land of giants; swears like a sailor in a traditional balote game; and discovers the cave of Odysseus.

  • Intoxicated by Colombia, Jack Maxwell goes to a Wayuu village where females rule, digs up El Dorado's smoky truth, takes in the rum culture and detoxes in a devil's volcano.

  • After a long, dark past, Cambodia is moving on up. Jack Maxwell gulps Special Muscle Wine with his new pal Chun and hunts spiders for a beverage with bite.

  • Jack Maxwell visits Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey; a plunge into the Dead Sea; drinking Arak; a beer with the Speed Sisters; rowdy rabbis; pomegranate and almond wines at a Shavuot festival.

  • Jack Maxwell pursues Mark Twain's trail up the Mississippi river, hitting Louisiana's Mardi Gras, Minnesota's Beer Dabbler Festival and sipping a cocktail in Missouri invented by Twain himself.

  • Jack finds out he has much to learn about drink etiquette in South Korea, where his experiences include tasting live octopus, taking a punch at a very old fortress, living through a zombie attack, and catching a peek of isolated North Korea.

  • In this has-been penal colony, Jack Maxwell has a mussel-diving, sheep-shearing, brothel-crashing, vegemite-swallowing great adventure in Australia. With the greatest drinking pals in the world, it's no worries mate!

  • Jack Maxwell lets his freak loose in the Sunshine State, Florida. He joins a crazy rebellion, sips whiskey from a dead alligator, tinkers in Haitian Voodoo, sails a floating Tiki Bar and discovers his most-loved Miami vice.

  • Irish coffee and boozy ice cream to road bowling and pints at the pub in Ireland where Jack comes face-to-face with the people and listens to their tales.

  • Honoring Foundation Day in Guadalajara, Mexico; playing music with a mariachi band and drinking raicilla.

  • Jack has come across his share of party animals during his adventures, many with fur and four legs. Included: horsing around with Gauchos in Argentina; hunting frogs in the Philippines; drinking a cobra cocktail in Hong Kong; and munching huhu's in New Zealand.