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2 designers perform 2 makeovers in 2 hours with a $200 budget on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.Veganista is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on June 14, 2017.Veganista is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Veganista on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

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1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 14, 2017
Cast: Nicci Imbert, Dani Reeves
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Veganista Full Episode Guide

  • Marco and Debbie find candidates for the other to makeover in this competition and they both have their hands full. Marco's candidate doesn't speak great English, neither does Marco. It's hard to understand Debbie's candidate as much as it is hard to understand Debbie. Will they be able to communicate enough to a successful makeover in 2 hours?

  • Nicole and Laura have found a brother and sister to makeover visiting the Las Vegas Strip. Can Laura get the biker to drop the skull rings and bandanas and become suave? Can Nicole makeover his sister when we she finds out that she has a terminal illness?

  • Marco and Nicole have to look for a candidate for the other to makeover in this competition and the candidate has to be going out to the night life in Las Vegas. Marco has found a Mom for Nicole and Nicole has found a Tourist whose luggage has been delayed and is a drastic need of a makeover. Can Nicole keep her look under budget? Will Marco be able to find the right dress for his candidate?

  • Laura and Marco have found 2 dear friends hanging out at the Las Vegas Sign that are thrilled to get a makeover. But with traffic at a standstill...are they going to be able to get to shopping and hair and makeup all in time for judging?

  • Laura and Nicole are making over two candidates they have found on the Las Vegas Strip. Laura's Candidate is a divorce who needs a confidence boost and Nicole's candidate is a French Tourist that is constantly hitting on all the women on the cast and crew. Will these distractions interfere with their ability to make them over in 2 hours on a $200 budget?

  • Marco and Debbie have to find candidates to makeover hanging out at the Las Vegas Sign. But Dani has a twist when they present them to her: she makes the designers trade candidates. With their strategies now different, will they be able to makeover these two candies on time with a 200 budget?

  • Marco and Nicole have found two very interesting candidates. Nicole has a millennial who thinks that yoga pants and tank tops are a "look." She also doesn't like to wear a dress. Can Nicole convince her candidate to be more feminine. Marco's candidate can't seem to focus on shopping but is attracted to spacecraft in other stores because he was abducted by aliens.

  • Nicole and Debbie are competing to makeover a Mom who wants to have a night out on the town and a young millennial who is in search of her "spirit animal." With sizes being a problem for Debbie and focus being a problem for Nicole will they be able to get their candidates made over for judging?

  • Laura and Debbie have found their candidates on the Las Vegas strip. When they discover they have to switch candidates as a part of Dani's twist - they change their strategy and get to shopping. Debbie's "Goth" candidate doesn't like feminine bright clothes and Laura is having trouble finding the right look for her candidate who keeps looking for something radical.

  • Laura and Marco have found their candidates to makeover on the Las Vegas Strip and are in a mad rush to get them made over but Dani tells them they only have 10 minutes in the store to shop with the candidates. Will their candidates make the right decisions for their makeover? Will Marco be able to makeover his fussy teenage candidate and Laura's candidate is, well, crazy.