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In this first episode of Kids' Planet, Nova will invite the children to accompany her on their first adventure together. The tour will take them to know and discover how they should behave at the table, learning that cutlery is a very important tool and that they have their own language.

Kids' Planet is a Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on June 4, 2018.

Kids' Planet is available for streaming on the Ammo Content website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kids' Planet on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Ammo Content
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
June 4, 2018
Kids & Family
Cast: Harvey Silver, Rhys Bevan-John, Sean Robertson, Lina Verchery
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Kids' Planet Full Episode Guide

  • We say goodbye to the second season of Kids' Planet with the "seventh art": cinema. We will learn about its history, the first famous actors, and different film genres. We will talk about the sound arrival with the Vitaphone and we will go from black and white to colour with a chemical process called Technicolor.

  • This time we will make a fascinating trip through outer space and realize how small we are in front of such vastness. We will start exploring the solar system visiting each of the planets as well as with the lights that embellish our nights: the stars. We will also learn about constellations, galaxies, asteroids, comets, and meteors.

  • In this episode, we embark on art that moves the world, "Music", the universal language. We will begin our journey by learning about the three eras in classical music that were: classical, baroque, and romantic. Then we will talk about Jazz, which was created by African-Americans in New Orleans. We will discover that anyone can be a musician if they are willing to practice and work hard.

  • In this episode, we will learn about literature and its different purposes. Kids will be encouraged to write a poem, understanding that in art there are no mistakes, simply let the creativity and passion flow through yourself. Then, we will take a walk by some famous children's literature authors and stimulate our imaginations by writing our own stories.

  • In this episode, we will discuss technology and what it can be useful for. We will learn about certain inventions and their evolutions into the modern world. We will realize that technological tools are our allies, as long as we don't neglect our human relations and the things that can't be replaced by a robot.

  • In this episode, we will explore the planet of emotions. We will begin by defining what they are and understanding that they can be very changeable and unpredictable. Then, we will find that words are a wonderful means to express our emotions and feelings to other people. That takes us to "emotional intelligence" that is based on intelligently controlling our emotions.

  • The theme of this episode is particularly interesting since we will talk about everything that moves the masses: "Pop Culture". We will travel in time from the 1950s to the present and we will see how people dressed, their hairstyles, as well as artists who left their mark with their music and style each time. We will also highlight Pop Art and explain why it is the art of the people.

  • In today's episode, we will travel through the planet of numbers. We will see different occasions where we use them in our daily life, from knowing the price of something to telling the time or our age. We will also visit the world of letters, knowing what the alphabet is, and we will know that with it we can put together words that allow us to communicate, read, and write.

  • In this episode, we will go to the ancient Scandinavian world of the Vikings, who established the nine ethical codes or "Noble Virtues". Courage, truth, honour, loyalty, discipline, industry, self-confidence, hospitality and perseverance. We will learn the meaning of each of them and also talk about some characters in the history of humanity, who became famous for their acts of nobleness.

  • This episode will teach us everything about boundaries, what they are, why people have them, and how to create our own personal boundaries. We will discuss various situations where boundaries must be respected and we will talk about obedience as an action that helps us to follow the rules. When we respect boundaries and show respect, we will live in a more harmonious world.

  • In this episode of Kids' Planet, we will learn about confidence and certain behaviours that display it. Showing off or bragging is a sign of insecurity, which is why we should strive to be humble and count our blessings. We will also discover the concept of the "comfort zone" and why we must leave it to grow and gain new skills.

  • In this episode, we will discuss the importance of independence. Although children depend on their parents and adults who surround them, there are situations where they need to show features of independence. We will learn how to strengthen character, overcome challenges, and put ourselves to the test without giving up, allowing us to gain the confidence of our parents.

  • One of the most important values being human is the central theme of this episode, "service to others". Beginning with its meaning and the wonderful feeling we experience when helping others when they need it. Service to others and to nature starts with taking care of ourselves. We will end with expressing kindness rather than judging those who need help.

  • In this episode, the destination is our consciousness or the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings. Also, we will learn how to understand other people's feelings through empathy. Finally, we will talk about consciousness as that little inner voice that says to us what is right and what is wrong.

  • In this episode we will consider mindfulness, also known as "Sati", a word and practice that comes from Buddhism. We will learn how mindfulness is related to our emotions and our reasoning. Finally, we will introduce some practices and games such as Yoga, breathing and meditating, to accomplish concentration. The recommendation is to practice it to focus and have calm, peace and happiness.

  • In this episode, we will explore the magical world of the theatre. We will learn about the history of theatre, its roots, the people that work in it to produce a play and the existing genres. Finally, the kids are encouraged to create their own play because it allows them to express themselves in many ways, even if they are spectators.

  • In this episode, we will focus on feats of strength and elements like self-control, perseverance, and strength of character. Also, we will learn the importance of a role model to look up to and follow. We will see more examples of people who show that life isn't always easy, but our strength will give us the power to continue and move forward.

  • This episode invites us to learn the concept of Mission in life, or Life's purpose. We will discover how to find our purpose through passion, love and kindness. The difference between a simple distraction and a true life mission will be shown, which always results in the feeling of pride for oneself, as well as generating well-being for others.

  • In this episode we will explore the world of learning and the importance of determination. We will understand how to persevere and keep moving forward. We will learn that self-motivation is a capacity inside of us to do things without the help of other people. We will discover that when we have leadership we are able to assume a main role to lead others.

  • In this episode, we will understand the importance of learning to work as a group, which is necessary from the school, sport teams, music bands, to all areas of a community and a country. We will discover how to coordinate efforts to reach common objectives. We will also learn new words like camaraderie and acts of kindness.

  • In this episode, we will discover that music helps us express our ideas and even our emotions. The rhythm, the melody, and harmony are the most important elements. Music can help us develop special skills such as: be persistent, be focused, it teaches us to communicate, share, and cooperate with other people. Music has the magic of uniting people because almost everyone shares a love for music!

  • In this episode, we will learn about the values of Faith and Hope. We will discover that hope is a value that allows us to believe that something positive will happen. Faith is having confidence in someone or something. When we have faith in people, we help them to believe in themselves. You must trust in yourself and know that you are capable of achieving it!

  • In this episode, we will go through everything related to Moral and Ethics. We will learn that morality helps us make good decisions and act responsibly all the time. We will also learn many valuable things about ethics and how to apply it in our lives, how it helps us to act in the right way and make good decisions. Being ethical means being respectful, honest, kind and trustworthy.

  • In this chapter, we will discover that culture is a way of life that is passed down from generation to generation, and through speaking of our differences we learn about other cultures. We will understand that putting ourselves in someone else's shoes means thinking about what they might be feeling, or what they might be struggling within their lives.

  • In this episode, we will learn about the value of love. We will understand that when we have love in our hearts, we care about the well-being of others, so we make them happy. Pets must also be treated with love and respect. The first step to accepting that we are unique is by loving ourselves. Respect is a big part of love and when love is in our heart, there is no place for negative feelings.

  • In this episode, we will travel through the wonderful world of sports. We will learn the physical and mental benefits of practising a sport or physical activity. We will talk about the value of perseverance, training, and the importance of knowing how to win and how to lose. We will learn about different sports and disciplines and how to show respect to our opponents.

  • In this episode, we will discover the values of confidence, honesty and integrity. We will learn that we build trust by fulfilling the promises we make to others. Honesty means telling the truth, which also shows respect for others. We will understand that having integrity means that in addition to being honest, we also choose to do what is right.

  • In this episode we will discover the value of dignity, finding that it goes hand in hand with self-love and self-esteem. We must value ourselves and respect ourselves first and then others. Being respectful is a rule to be able to live in harmony and dignity. It takes dignity to ask for forgiveness and to forgive!

  • In this episode, we will discover the value and importance of communication. We will learn the correct ways to communicate and the main rules of the good listener. We will know in which sites we can raise our voice and when we should respect the silence of others. We will talk about rumours and how harmful they are for effective communication.

  • In this episode, we will discover that justice is when we are all treated equally, regardless of our differences, and we must give and receive the same attention to other people. Respect is shown by good treatment, complying with the laws to live in peace! We will also understand freedom and how to use it intelligently.

  • In this episode, we will discover that tolerance is about living in harmony, accepting, and respecting the tastes of other people, as well as helping those who need it without expecting to receive something in return. We are all different and that makes the world so special, that's why you have to be supportive and show solidarity for others.

  • In this episode, we will learn that we must fulfil our responsibilities, and in that way, we will be able to be in harmony with other people. We will discover how to be attentive to help both at school and at home. And in this way, we can learn more each day and be up to date with each task.

  • In this episode, we will learn the importance of humility. We will understand how to have good sportsmanship and respect the efforts of your opponent. We will learn that with humility we can put aside arrogance and anger. We will also discover that there is no problem in asking for help from others because in doing so, that is also an act of humility.

  • In this episode, we will explore the corners of outer space where only the brave ones can reach. Curious will teach us that being brave doesn't mean being afraid, but acting in spite of fear. We will discover that courage is inside each one of us and that "determination" allows us to face our fears, while "will" pushes us to do things with passion.

  • In this episode, we will go on an expedition to the Planet of Forgiveness and learn that forgiveness is an act of love that helps us overcome anger and misunderstandings and that when we forgive we see things with more clarity. And most importantly, when we recognize our mistakes we realize the importance of asking for forgiveness through our hearts.

  • In this episode, we will discover that habits are the result of repeating good action until it becomes part of our routine. All of our activities are very important! That's why you should give a very special place for rest, for having fun, and for sharing with your friends and family. We will also learn about the importance of punctuality!

  • In this episode of Kids' Planet, we will make a trip to discover what two important words mean: "Peace" and "Harmony". Our friend Curious who knows everything will guide us through the universe of values, teaching us a very important quality in "Kindness", and we will learn to reject violence, manage anger, make good decisions, and have self-control.

  • In this episode, Nova will invite the children to a new expedition to the world of values. Together, they will learn about gratitude, the importance of giving "thanks" and appreciating what we have to always see the positive side of life. Curious will teach us about gifts such as love and friendship which are invisible but very valuable and we should be grateful to have them.

  • In this episode, we will talk about the importance of reducing, recycling, and reusing materials. We will discover that it's very important to take care of our pets and the environment where we live. Curious will teach us that our planet Earth is everyone's home and together we must treat it with lots of love and respect.

  • In this new episode of Kids' Planet, Nova will invite the children on a new expedition towards friendship. Together, they will learn about loyalty, respect and understanding. Curious will help us to know how generous people behave, discover empathy, and something very important: how to share with people who need it.

  • Nova will invite children to a new expedition to become super pedestrians. Together, they will discover how they should behave in public spaces or streets. Curious will teach us the correct way to cross the street, know the traffic lights and traffic signals. They will also learn that the car is a very fun place that has rules to follow to enjoy and stay safe.

  • In this episode of Kids' Planet, Nova will invite the children to a new expedition, this time they will leave for school. Together, they will discover how they should behave in this space that is so important for their development. The children will also learn about their favourite part of the day: recess!

  • In this episode of Kids' Planet, Nova will guide the children through an exciting journey through the world of "Urbanity" where the children will discover that with a good attitude and respecting all people equally, their life will be more fun, happy, and surrounded by friends!

  • In this first episode of Kids' Planet, Nova will invite the children to accompany her on their first adventure together. The tour will take them to know and discover how they should behave at the table, learning that cutlery is a very important tool and that they have their own language.