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Derek DeBoer is a regular guy. He's a husband, father, auto dealer and athlete in his pursuit of his dream job, being a professional race car driver. Watch as the family works to support Derek's dreams, without losing sight of their own, from the perspective of his filmmaker wife.

Fastlife is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on December 22, 2017.

Fastlife is available for streaming on the Ammo Content website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fastlife on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Tubi TV online.

Ammo Content
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
December 22, 2017
Cast: Derek DeBoer, Brooke DeBoer
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Fastlife Full Episode Guide

  • The Utah race weekend continues with race two and the importance of driver change practice and strategy becomes apparent. Lead mechanic John Graham brings the car in for a driver change only to catch a fateful unexpected issue - one that could easily change the outcome of the race. In a humorous and candid interview, Derek and Jason giver their perspective and team approach to the weekend.

  • Derek and Jason team up to save time during practice and qualifying to prepare for Spirit X race at Utah Motorsports Park. Derek and Brooke's daughter Paige travels with them to the races and shares her perspective of the family's racing life. Brooke shares how she deals with anxiety at the track. Brooke brings you behind the scenes in the pit lane for the inside action of the race.

  • Being a husband, father, business owner, and a race car driver is a balancing act. Racer Derek works to achieve it amidst the fast-paced life they have chosen. To assist in the ease of travel for family, Derek agrees to take everyone on a road trip two hours away to get their TSA pre-check status. Then, it's off to Utah Motorsports Park to learn a new track.

  • Derek tackles the second race at Road America with no shortage of confidence. Planning for a win, the race takes a twist that reveals Derek's true character. To ease the stress of race travel on the family, Derek and Brooke take the kids for a sightseeing tour and stay in Chicago. The family and racing life juggling continues and Derek wonders if being a rock star might be easier.

  • Derek heads to race solo for the first time this season. Jason and Derek decided to split teams for the next two races, Derek racing at Road America and Jason at Mid Ohio. Derek shares his annoyance with his wife, Brooke always having the camera on. Brooke brings behind the scenes with the family for the racing life on and off the track at one of the most iconic race tracks in North America.

  • Racer Derek shares the background of his wife's story and why she created the Fastlife. Brooke speaks candidly about the challenges of putting her dreams on the back burner early on to be a wife and a mother. Derek races off to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park for the first time without his wife Brooke and family. Derek receives a dream opportunity to race in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series.

  • Unexpected weather poses challenges for Derek and Jason in the upcoming race. This additional challenge paired with the extreme pressure Derek puts on himself, create a large obstacle for him to overcome. His wife steps in to help in any way she can. Will the passion for the dream be enough for Derek to push past the mental weight of the mounting pressure?

  • As the racing season continues on, Derek begins to feel the mounting pressure of his own desire to succeed as a professional driver. Racers Derek and Jason continue to share weekends in the race car in the Perilli World Challenge series. Next stop - Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. Limited track time, shared race car and different approaches by driver create hurdles they both much overcome.

  • As racer Derek Deboer builds his reputation within Pirelli World Challenges series, new opportunities, off the track arise. Derek's wife, Brooke brings you along to the announcer's booth where Derek announces for the GT3 race with seasoned pro racer Jeremy Shaw. A surprise guest joins the DeBoer family on a hike in hometown Ashland, Oregon.

  • Racer Derek DeBoer and his filmmaker wife take you behind the scenes to the 2016 St. Petersburg Grand Prix. Officials of the World Challenge series provide a history and background of the series and sport. Derek and Jason team up for the weekend with one driver racing each day of the weekend, battling on a track compromised of the city streets of St. Petersburg.

  • With little rest, Derek and Jason gear up for one of the most exciting and dangerous races in the circuit. Find out just how far Derek and Brooke are willing to go to make the racing happen.

  • Derek shares his fear of failure and has an incident with a teammate. After gaining some attention for a strong finish in the first race of the weekend, he's unable to follow up his success on Day Two.

  • Derek's daughter weighs in on her dad's fight for his dream as he prepares for the Pirelli World Challenge. While Derek and and his new co-driver Jason discover they have very different approaches to the sport, Brooke reveals why she is obsessively filming everything they are doing. Derek is hit with some performance issues.

  • After the high of a win in LeMans, Derek comes back home and to face the harsh realities of sponsor fraud and a strained family dynamic. After making an interesting new connection and seeing his new car livery, he begins to wonder if he can simultaneously follow his dream and give his family the attention they deserve.

  • As he preps for the Aston Martin Festival race, we learn more about Derek's practice and strategy techniques. In front of 200,000 spectators at the Cirque de la Sarthe, Derek and the team are forced to take a risky gamble.

  • As Derek's racing season begins to show signs of unraveling with sponsor issues, we begin to feel the impact on the whole family. Derek's relationship with the team owner is growing despite the challenges, and he offers Derek an opportunity to enter the Aston Martin Festival LeMans, France. As the fate of his racing career is in question, Derek and his family head to France.

  • Brooke has hired a crew to film the first race weekend Derek's debut as a professional race car driver and he begins to feel pressure to show up and perform in his first pro racing season. His youngest daughter begins to have anxiety about his racing and picks up on the stress both he and his wife, Brooke are feeling trying to figure out if the sponsor is real.

  • It becomes clear after the Daytona race that becoming a legitimate professional race car driver may be a little harder than originally expected. Family stresses, balancing his full time job, and questions about the sponsor relationship begin to pile up and Derek wonders if his push to be a professional racer is going to come to a screeching halt at any moment.

  • Derek takes you back 20 years ago to his start at going after his dream of being a professional sports car racer. Brooke has been following his passion for years filming it all while simultaneously raising their family on and off the track. They touch on the challenges of breaking into the world of the professional race car world.