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Dr. Jay is a world-renowned marriage counselor, and he has his work cut out for him when Dave and Fiona, his two latest clients come to him for help. Although they are not even an actual couple, they come to Dr. Jay in order to get his help getting them in a true successful romantic relationship. Having his work cut out for him, Dr. Jay accepts the challenge, even if he feels it is going to drive him crazy in the long run.

Duplass Brothers; Principato Young Entertainment
1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 29, 2014
Cast: Rutger Hauer, Mimi Rogers, Joan Chen, James Remar
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  • Dave and Fiona arrive to a Dr. Jay who has completely given up. He is indulging in drugs, alcohol, and sex and lays out exactly how he feels about the two of them. Dr. Jay's trip turns dark, however, when they start telling him negative things about himself. As the room turns against Dr. Jay and drug addled paranoia sets in, Dave and Fiona inform him that they've paid for ten more sessions, and that they see him next week.

  • Ray insists that Dr. Jay must fight crazy with crazy to win with Dave and Fiona. Dr. Jay transforms himself into a "native" and informs Dave and Fiona that their therapy can only continue with a painful initiation ceremony. Instead of turning them off, this only increases their zeal and they escalate the insanity to destructive proportions.

  • Dave and Fiona are having a stellar session when they suddenly and inexplicably start singing. Dr. Jay's confusion grows as the singing turns into nightmarish musical number. The gruesome fantasy crescendos with Dave and Fiona eating Dr. Jay... who wakes up from his nightmare realizing he fell asleep reading their binder.

  • Dave and Fiona show up feeling sick, which is really a ruse to conceal an intricately planned wedding celebration. They've registered Dr. Jay as an online minister to officiate the ceremony and even invited their mutual ex, Candy, to participate as Maid of Honor/wedding planner.

  • Dr. Jay vents his frustration about Dave and Fiona to Ray, who insists that he must see the therapy through to the end. Later, Dave and Fiona arrive dressed as older versions of themselves. They explore the distant future, trying to prove to Dr. Jay that they're a perfect couple. This eventually leads Fiona to an emotional breakdown.

  • Dave and Fiona use the fourth session to role play sexual scenarios with children's dolls. Dave demands that Fiona drop her put-on facade which leads the couple to new discoveries. Dr. Jay tries to get a handle on the role play, but is only further frustrated by their bizarre charade.

  • In order to move forward in their relationship, Dave and Fiona bring an ex lover, Candy (Katie Aselton), into a session. The talk about their intimate past seems promising at first, until Candy's full involvement with Dave and Fiona is revealed. The three then share a song with Dr. Jay about their intimate exploits.

  • Dave and Fiona schedule their first kiss during a session with Dr. Jay. When it doesn't go exactly as planned, they talk Dr. Jay into assisting them in setting the mood in various ways. We also meet Dr. Jay's mysterious mentor, Ray (Ed Begley Jr), who is equally baffled by Fiona and Dave.

  • Best friends Dave (Mark Duplass) and Fiona (Jennifer Lafleur) are determined to become a romantic couple, despite the fact that they've never felt the slightest bit of attraction toward each other. They enlist famous couples therapist, Dr. Jay Meeks (Rob Corddry), to help them find the love they long for. During their first session they reveal their unbridled intensity and introduce Dr. Jay to "the binder."

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