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The sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer is Comedy Central's vehicle to showcase the young, edgy, and often raunchy humor of stand-up comedian, actress, and writer Amy Schumer. Like many successful shows featuring comedians, this series connects footage of stand-up bits with sketches where Schumer essentially plays some version of herself.

Schumer's career began to skyrocket in 2007 when she made it to the finals of NBC's Last Comic Standing, eventually finishing in fourth place. Appearing on that reality competition show exposed her comedy and personality to large audiences and to executives in the television industry. Comedy Central was quick to take notice, eventually retaining her services for a comedy special, another reality program, and later on for several Comedy Central Roast installments. Additionally, Schumer made numerous guest appearances on other programs across several networks, allowing her to refine her television presence and to build herself a bit of a cult following.

Inside Amy Schumer represents the logical next step for the comedian. No longer a contestant, contributor, or bit player, the program appropriately allows her to be the headliner, giving her enormous control over the writing and overall creativity behind the show. Unlike conventional sitcoms and newer single-camera comedy programs, Schumer's show isn't an ensemble. Instead, the show is entirely driven by Schumer's creative vision and unique sense of humor. There are guest appearances by similarly situated young comedians, but Schumer is the star.

As is the case with Schumer's stand-up, the sketches on Inside Amy Schumer largely revolve around dating, sex, her inner monologue, and absurd comedy. The show moves at a quick pace, allowing for numerous sketches and stand-up clips to be featured in one half-hour slot. A single episode often veers from what seems like one subject to another, but ends up returning to some initial unifying joke or idea presented earlier in the episode.

Schumer's series, like her comedy in general, isn't for the prudish. Her comedy bits and her outrageous persona gain life by addressing topics that are uncomfortable for some people, but hilarious to others. In nearly every sketch, Schumer has a drink in hand and is often doing or talking about something raunchy. The contrast of her cherubic face and girl-next-door look with her razor sharp tongue and irreverent mind is probably the key reason she was destined to outgrow her supporting roles and become the center of attention.

Inside Amy Schumer is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on April 30, 2013.

Inside Amy Schumer is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Inside Amy Schumer on demand atApple TV+, HBO Max, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, Comedy Central online.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
4 Seasons, 40 Episodes
April 30, 2013
Cast: Amy Schumer
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Inside Amy Schumer Full Episode Guide

  • Andy Cohen showcases the highlights from the show's four seasons.

  • Amy sees her ob-gyn; tries to get her lizard some help; and worries about her baby's personality.

  • Amy shows up on a sitcom; appears in a commercial; and endures a difficult birth.

  • Amy falls for a chef; leaps out of a blimp; and has her leg gnawed off.

  • Amy goes on a bus tour, fails to get laid and has her arm sewn to her face.

  • Amy plays the saxophone, attempts to purchase a shirt and gets elected President of the United States.

  • Amy wins an Oscar, finds out how to get what she wants and consumes pasta from the garbage.

  • Amy sells guns, appears on "Game of Thrones" and tries to persuade Liam Neeson to bury her loved one.

  • Amy raps for Lin-Manuel Miranda, avoids sex with her boyfriend and loses a body part.

  • Amy pitches a musical about Betsy Ross to "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda in this sneak peek of Season 4, which premieres April 21 at 10/9c.

  • Amy goes out on a date with a man who has an accent and extra buttonholes.

  • Amy travels through time, hears some awful stories and gives a complete town the clap.

  • Amy becomes infatuated with her barista, confronts her therapist about her mother and gets decapitated.St

  • Amy gets a mail-order husband, trains men in the art of female emotional combat and strips for dogs.

  • Amy rides a mechanical bull, takes a credit card that isn't hers and defends Bill Cosby.

  • Amy competes in a pageant, breastfeeds her dog and enjoys her new pla-dow.

  • Amy directs a pizza commercial, interviews a gigolo and apologizes for everything.

  • An all-male jury argues over Amy's fate.

  • Amy takes off her makeup, goes to a strip club and dates a rap star.

  • Amy meets her heroes, tries to get birth control and explains where her poop comes out.

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