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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

Window Warriors is a reality competition show that premiered on Game Show Network in 2016. The show follows eight talented window designers as they battle it out over six episodes to create stunning window displays for various brands in the heart of New York City.

Each week the designers compete in a series of challenges, each lasting three days, where they must create themed window displays for various retail stores. The themes range from a patriotic 4th of July display to a spooky Halloween showcase. The designers are given a budget and a limited amount of time to create their displays, and at the end of each challenge, the displays are judged by a panel of experts who decide which designer will be eliminated.

The judges include Carson Kressley, who is known for his work on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Dee Hilfiger, a fashion designer, and Christiane Lemieux, an interior designer. Each judge brings a unique perspective to the table, and their critiques are invaluable to the designers as they work to improve their displays.

The contestants are a diverse group of designers with unique backgrounds and design styles. Becktoria, one of the contestants, is a free-spirited designer who uses her love of bohemian design to create whimsical displays. Ashla Soter is a self-described "minimalist curator," whose displays often feature clean lines and modern design elements. Meli Alexander is another contestant who has a talent for creating eye-catching displays, using her background in graphic design to create stunning visuals.

In addition to the challenges, the contestants also participate in team challenges, where they must work together to create a cohesive display. These challenges test not only the designer's artistic abilities but also their ability to work with others and compromise their ideas to create a unified display.

Throughout the competition, the designers face various obstacles, including time constraints, limited budgets, and unexpected twists, such as having to incorporate live models into their displays. But despite these challenges, the designers remain determined to create their best work and impress the judges.

One of the unique aspects of Window Warriors is that it not only showcases the designers' talents but also highlights the importance of window displays in the world of retail. The show provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating a window display, from concept to completion, and shows how it can make or break a brand's sales.

Overall, Window Warriors is an entertaining and insightful competition show for those interested in design, fashion, and retail. With its talented contestants, expert judges, and challenging tasks, it's a must-watch for anyone who loves a good creative competition.

Window Warriors
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Whimsical Wonderland
6. Whimsical Wonderland
December 20, 2016
The three remaining window designers create two special holiday windows with help from past competitors.
Reuse It or Lose It
5. Reuse It or Lose It
December 13, 2016
The window designers compete in creative clothing challenge using re-purposed material in their displays; a twist in the challenge.
Sugar Rush
4. Sugar Rush
December 6, 2016
Summary not available
At the Cutting Edge
3. At the Cutting Edge
November 29, 2016
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A Breath of Fresh Air
2. A Breath of Fresh Air
November 22, 2016
Summary not available
All Dressed Up
1. All Dressed Up
November 15, 2016
Summary is not available.
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    November 15, 2016