Watch TV Shows on Game Show Network

If you are a game show fan, the Game Show Network is the place to find some of the best entertainment around. For over twenty years, GSN has been providing its fans with reruns of shows like The Family Feud and Chain Reaction. In The Family Feud, two teams of five players each try to guess how one hundred people would answer various questions, some sillier than others. The current host is comedian Steve Harvey and he provides lots of laughs for the audience. In Chain Reaction, a good vocabulary and quick thinking is necessary as contestants try to guess word combinations to win various prizes. GSN also runs old episodes of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, an exciting show where participants answer questions on their way to try and win one million dollars.

The Game Show Network has also created some original programming with very popular shows like The Chase and Idiotest. In the Chase, players try to out guess a so-called expert called The Beast. He is very clever and knowledgeable but the show proves he is not perfect and can be defeated. In the Idiotest, participants are asked questions whose answers may be obvious if you are playing at home, but more difficult for the contestants who are under the pressure of time, not to mention the lights and cameras.

The Game Show Network is rapidly becoming one of the most popular channels on cable TV as currently two-thirds of households with a television have access to it.