WOW - Women of Wrestling

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The eight-episode series will feature 35 wrestlers, including third generation wrestling superstar Tessa Blanchard, returning superheroes The Beast, Stephy Slays, Jungle Grrrl, Beverly Hills Babe and talented newcomers to WOW such as Faith the Lioness and Princess Aussie.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on AXS TV
1 Season, 20 Episodes
January 18, 2019
Cast: Angelina Altishin, Sebastien Large, Jackie Nova, Teish Williams
WOW - Women of Wrestling

WOW - Women of Wrestling Full Episode Guide

  • Chaos, disorder, bedlam, and madness are all promised in a high-stake Three-Way Elimination between The Monsters of Madness, Havok and Hazard, Holidead and Siren The Voodoo Doll, & Adrenaline and Fire. The two winning teams will advance to The WOW Tag Team Championship Series Finale. Ring mayhem is guaranteed!

  • Anticipation builds as Jungle Grrrl gets a rematch against The Beast to determine the rightful contender for the WOW World Championship. To ensure a fair outcome, Champion Tessa Blanchard has been barred from ringside. But is this enough to prevent her from influencing the outcome of the match?

  • Champion Tessa Blanchard and The Greatest Attorney in the World, Sophia Lopez, conspire in an attempt to derail The Beast's path to The WOW World Championship Title by placing The Norwegian Nightmare Nikki Krampus in her way. The Fabulous Lana Star seeks retaliation against Jessie Jones and Amber O'Neal. And the WOW Tag Team Championship Series heats up when The Vengeful Vixens, The Temptress and The Dagger, battle Adrenaline and Fire.

  • The animals of the ring, The Beast and Jungle Grrrl, battle to determine dominance. Meanwhile, WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard seizes an opportunity to settle a score.

  • Foes Jungle Grrrl and The Beast are forced to put aside their differences to battle The Monsters of Madness, Havok and Hazard. Can the two animals of the ring coexist long enough to secure victory? The Tag Team Championship Series continues.

  • Tessa Blanchard seemingly conspires with World's Greatest Attorney, Sophia Lopez to hand pick her Championship opponent... WOW's newest competitor, Mexico's high flying Luchadora Serpentine. Also, The Fabulous Lana Star announces her return to wrestling by entering the WOW Tag Team Championship Series with a partner that surprises everyone!

  • The Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard, is the new WOW World Champion and The Beast, Jungle Grrrl, and Havok The Monster Of Madness have lined up to challenge the Champion. A Triple Threat Number One Contender Match will decide who will wrestle Tessa Blanchard for The WOW World Championship! ...or will it?!

  • Dedicated to her ambition of never quitting, Stephy Slays demonstrates perseverance in an extraordinary match against The Disciplinarian. The smart ending will be unforgettable. Meanwhile, Tessa Blanchard takes her biggest risk since joining WOW.

  • A new Champion in WOW is coming to terms with the fact the bullseye of her competitors is now squarely focused on her. Havok, The Monster Of Madness, emerges as a threat to the WOW roster. And Jungle Grrrl continues her hunt for the elusive prize of the World Championship.

  • The Norwegian Nightmare, Nikki Krampus makes her long awaited debut. Beaten in a back alley, Keta Rush seeks revenge against her assailant The Dagger. But Keta soon finds that to succeed she will have to fight off the more than just The Dagger.

  • Psycho Sister Razor has her debut match against Faith The Lioness. Plus, following the unprecedented Triple Threat Match, the most prestigious prize in women's wrestling, the WOW World Championship Title, is decided tonight!

  • Champion Santana Garrett wants revenge on Tessa Blanchard for what she did to her beloved father. Jungle Grrrl reminds Santana that she never pinned her shoulders to the mat to become Champion. Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard gets what she wants...a shot at the Championship. It is a triple threat match that you won't want to miss!

  • The Beast demands her shot at the WOW World Championship. Current Champion Santana Garrett's eyes remain locked on revenge against Tessa Blanchard. And Tessa provides an exclusive interview that explains her reasons for attacking Santana's father. Her response will jar you! The All Natural, Khloe Hurtz, seeks revenge against The Governor's Daughter, Abilene Maverick, in the main event.