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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (181)

You're Whole is a comedy sketch television series that aired from 2012 to 2014. The show stars Michael Ian Black, Cathy Shim, and Kimberly Bishop. The premise of the show revolves around a self-help program called "You're Whole" that aims to help people achieve happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

The show is set up as a mock self-help program, with Michael Ian Black playing the host of the program, Bryce Shivers. Bryce is a caricature of the stereotypical self-help guru, complete with a flashy suit and an over-the-top persona. Cathy Shim and Kimberly Bishop play various characters who participate in the program, each with their own unique set of problems that they hope to overcome.

Each episode of You're Whole focuses on a different theme or topic related to self-help, such as self-confidence, relationships, and success. As Bryce leads the program, he uses a mix of humor and fake science to guide the participants towards their goal. He often employs absurd methods, such as using "stimulation goggles" to help the participants visualize their success or having them chant in unison to deaden negative emotions.

The sketches in the show are well-written and clever, with a satirical edge. They poke fun at the self-help industry and the people who are drawn to it, without being too mean-spirited. The humor is often absurd, but still grounded in the reality of human behavior.

One of the strengths of the show is the performances of the cast. Michael Ian Black is perfectly cast as Bryce Shivers, and his delivery is both hilarious and creepy at the same time. Cathy Shim and Kimberly Bishop are great as the participants, and they each bring their own comedic style to the sketches.

In addition to the sketches, each episode also features a musical performance by a different indie band. These performances are a nice addition to the show and add to its hipster appeal.

Overall, You're Whole is a hilarious and clever satire of the self-help industry. The sketches are well-written and the cast is strong. If you're a fan of comedy or enjoy poking fun at self-help gurus, this is definitely a show worth checking out.

You're Whole is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 2013.

You're Whole
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Propofol, Telescopes, and Abraham Lincoln
8. Propofol, Telescopes, and Abraham Lincoln
Randall Tyree Mandersohn lulls you to sleep with the help of a very special anesthetic. Also: Abraham Lincoln.
7. Attitude
November 26, 2013
Randall Tyree Mandersohn trains you to walk like a panther and adds some SPiCE to his revolutionary eating system. Also: fear.
Finding Love
6. Finding Love
November 15, 2013
Randall Tyree Mandersohn invites you to meet your unicycling soul mate with his groundbreaking "Use The Tongue" method. Also: a 1963 Buffalo Head nickel.
Lemonade, Fishing, and Cupcakes
5. Lemonade, Fishing, and Cupcakes
November 13, 2013
Randall Tyree Mandersohn solves your financial struggles with the naturalistic blue color of space lemonade. Also: pro bass fishing.
Droppin' the
4. Droppin' the "G"/Ancient Egypt/P
November 6, 2013
Randall Tyree Mandersohn plants spiritual roots and fills spiritual holes with his expertise. Highlights include ancient Egypt and puffy pants.
Tools / Drawing Comics / Spin Class
3. Tools / Drawing Comics / Spin Class
January 18, 2013
Public speaker and expert Randall Tyree Mandersohn strengthens spirits and muscles.
Finger Puppets / Saxophone / Fish Tank
2. Finger Puppets / Saxophone / Fish Tank
January 11, 2013
Life expert Randall Tyree Mandersohn fills your holes with his revolutionary life system
Smoothies, Pumpkins & Cookies
1. Smoothies, Pumpkins & Cookies
January 4, 2013
Life guru Randall Tyree Mandersohn teaches you to fill your holes with his life's work "You're Whole,"
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  • Premiere Date
    January 4, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (181)