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| | 1 hr 45 min | Drama, Romance

Like Water for Chocolate is based on the life story of a young girl whose culinary skills and particular exotic recipes leads to unleash her deepest feelings for a forbidden love. Tita is a 15 year old girl who is passionate about cooking, and develops a peculiar art from natural recipes through which she expresses her feelings at all times, many say they are magical, but she knows the aphrodisiac effects that her recipes can produce.

Directed by Alfonso Arau, this popular Mexican production rises as a profound romantic drama with stellar performances by Lumi Cavazos in the title role of the passionate Tita, and Marco Leonardi as her eternal lover Pedro.

Being the youngest of the three sisters, Tita is carrying the family tradition that because she is the youngest one, she will forever be taking care of her mother, it is forbidden for her to join a man in marriage until the mother dies.

Tita and Pedro are in love and he asks Tita in marriage which has been denied, but in order to be near her, and with an incredible disappointment, Pedro marries Tita's older sister. Tita is heartbroken and through her recipes, she will make everyone feel the stab that has spanned her soul, poisoning the food so that everyone feels what she feels.

With a love as immense as the one Tita and Pedro profess for each other, they decide to continue their love in secret. The plot of this magnificent film is filled with exotic sensuality, and incredible passion between the forbidden love and the petals of rose in each recipe, presented as a signature of love everlasting and the true essence of Tita's heartbreak and deep feelings for Pedro.

When the dice are thrown and the fate is responsible for bringing the two lovers closer; nothing can be against that. Fate is plotting for Tita and Pedro, regardless that he is married to Rosaura. The deep feelings and emotions of Tita will be reflected in her cooking even more, taking control of all the emotions of all who taste her aphrodisiac delicacies.

Like Water for Chocolate in a successful attempt to demonstrate a love that not even death can separate, Tita and Pedro finally are together in eternity.

Lumi Cavazos, Marco Leonardi, Regina Torne, Robert M. Martinez, Ada Carrasco
Alfonso Arau
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Like Water for Chocolate
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