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| | 1 hr 38 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Two of Hollywood's most undeniable talents would have to be that of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Jones has provided many excellent performances that has seen his career enjoying the longevity that it has at this point. Smith, although many were surprised by this, has turned out to be one of the best actors in Hollywood today. The only thing better than watching one or the other of these two great talents is to watch them both, together. Thanks to the 1997 hit 'Men in Black' that wish is well within reach and in a most amusing and action packed way.

The movie open up with Smith, a cop, chasing a suspect on foot, once he finally catches up to his suspect the man tells him that he has to get away or he will be killed and then blinks his eyes, however, they blink up and down and sideways as well. During his debriefing of the situation Jones character enters to tell Smith what he witnessed. At this point Jones asks Smith to identify the unique weapon he was the culprit with and after doing so points a tool that blasts a flash of light at Smith. The next scene shows Jones offering Smith a card and telling him what time to be at the address on the card.

Smith's character soon learns that Jones is suggesting that he become his partner in a special organization that operates outside of the government's influence and deals with space aliens who immigrate to Earth. Their role is to monitor the activities of these individuals and make certain they abide by the rules and laws set forth. However, they also track those who are bent on world domination.

The main premise of the movie is that one of the transitioned aliens turns out to be a prince of a race that protects a source of energy referred to as 'the Galaxy'. Another alien who is classified as a 'bug' has come to Earth in search of this energy source in order to gain control of the universe. Hence the plot of our movie centers around the duo's attempts to track and stop the 'bug's' plan in order to keep Earth safe.

Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino, Vincent D'Onofrio, Rip Torn
Barry Sonnenfeld
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