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  • PG
  • 1993
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.2  (15,328)
  • 42

For Love or Money is a 1993 romantic comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and features Michael J. Fox as the lead actor. This film stars Gabrielle Anwar as a hotel heiress, and Anthony Higgins as her wealthy father. The story follows the life of Doug Ireland, played by Fox, who is an ambitious and hardworking concierge at the luxurious Bradbury Hotel. Doug has a passion for improving his economic status and lives for the day he can own a lavish hotel of his own.

The movie begins with Doug working as the concierge for the Bradbury Hotel while moonlighting as a personal concierge to a wealthy businessman named Christian Hanover, played by Anthony Higgins, unbeknown to his boss, the hotel owner. Doug is desperately trying to save enough money to fulfill his dream of owning a five-star hotel, but his financial situation is precarious. When his boss's daughter Andy, played by Gabrielle Anwar, comes to stay at the Bradbury Hotel, Doug sees an opportunity to aid his circumstances.

Andy is a stunning woman, who Doug has been in love with since she was a child. Andy's father is over-protective and controlling, and so she has not had much freedom in her life. Andy feels caged in by her father, living under his thumb constantly, with no end in sight. Doug sees an opportunity to use his charm and wit to win her over and eventually convince her father that they should be together. Doug is cunning, he sees Andy as the key to his financial success, but he also sees her as an opportunity to win her over and gain her love.

As Doug helps Andy enjoy her privileged trip to New York, he cooks up a plan to use her influence and money to fund his dream of owning a hotel. He unsuccessfully tries to impress her by flaunting his wealth, but Andy can see through his flattery and realizes that he is only using her for her father's money. Andy confronts Doug about his intentions towards her and calls him out for being deceitful. He eventually confesses his true intentions after a heartfelt admission of love. However, Andy is not impressed because Doug only cares about her money.

Throughout the movie, Andy's father keeps pushing her towards his business partner, a mean-spirited and older married businessman named Christian, who is also Doug's client. Doug struggles with this, as he is the hotel's top concierge and has to choose between his duty to the hotel and his personal interests. However, Doug also realizes that he can't keep lying to Andy, who is falling in love with him.

The movie's climax occurs when Christian asks Doug to spy on Andy and report her activities to him. This divides Doug's loyalties and pushes him to confess the truth to Andy. A mix-up happens, and Andy believes that Doug is in love with Christian's wife. The movie concludes with Andy marrying Christian and Doug's dreams of owning a luxurious hotel put on hold. However, Doug eventually comes to his senses and realizes that Andy is the only woman he loves, and he runs to stop the wedding on foot, with the help of his friend and co-worker Gilbert, played by Bob Balaban.

In conclusion, For Love or Money is a classic 90s romantic comedy movie that has M.J. Fox at his best. Its storyline revolves around love, money, and deception. Ultimately, it shows how even the most ambitious and hardworking individuals can get swayed into losing sight of what truly matters in life. It also teaches that true love does not originate from monetary gain or deceiving others, rather it is something honest, pure and unconditional. It is worth watching, especially for those who love romantic comedies.

For Love or Money
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    1 hr 35 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (15,328)
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