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| | 1 hr 31 min | Drama, TV Movie

Caitlin Rose is the shy new 17-year-old girl in town who isn't really well-known at high school. With the help of her best friend, she is accepted into the school's group of jocks. While partying one night, she bonds with Ethan, eventually sleeping with him. Acting under peer pressure, she soon starts to rebel, neglecting school and getting into trouble. A lot of the teachers are bothered by their behavior, complaining that they get away with everything. A night at the cinema, she finds out Ethan is dating another girl. Upset, she confronts him. Trying to keep up a tough image, he claims they were never serious, but she responds that she sees right through him, before leaving. Back at home, she receives a visit from Ethan's friend Jace, who lies his way into her home by saying that he wants to comfort her. Inside, he tries to kiss her, but she refuses him. He becomes angry and ends up raping her.
The next day, she distances herself from everyone, not wanting to talk to her mother. When she demands on knowing what happened last night, she admits he raped her. She, however, doesn't believe her, claiming that she probably seduced him. Caitlin's little sister, Junie, however believes her for she heard them behind the door closed. Feeling betrayed, she leaves the home, only to be told the same by her friends. She accuses Jace directly of raping, but nobody believes her, and they soon turn their back on her. Determined to prove she isn't lying, she goes to the hospital for an examination, but the doctors can't find any proof of rape. Nevertheless, her mother decides to believe her and offers to press charges, but Caitlin responds she just wants to forget everything that happened.
She is soon troubled with nightmares, and at school, people start bullying her. At first, she considers dropping out and going to college, but she soon realizes she could be able to stop it by winning over Ethan's trust. She is unable to, however, and the harassing continues. This results in Caitlin getting into a fight with a girl, Gloria, for which she is suspended not only for fighting Caitlin and writing graffiti, but for talking back at the principal. Her mother threatens to step to the media, which angers the principal. Trying to prevent the school from getting a bad reputation, she suspends Ethan and Jace from two football games. Trying to get revenge, she is lured to an abandoned home and is there attacked by the group. They end up holding her and cutting her hair, until Ethan sympathizes for her and stops everyone.
Devastated, she decides to fight back, calling an investigator the next day. They collect evidence and prepare to sue the school. Meanwhile, Jace reveals to Ethan that he indeed raped Caitlin. He tries to make it right with her, but she doesn't want to see him. Jace feels that he is betraying him and starts vandalizing his property and car as well. Ethan later picks up Caitlin, but they are stopped by the crew, beating up Ethan and attempting to rape Caitlin again. Jace tries to stab him with a knife, but Ethan is able to defend himself by deeply stabbing Jace's leg and he soon leaves with Caitlin. Later, they kiss in a church, and a court trial follows, during which the school district promises to change. Jace states he will never play college ball after what happened and that he's ready to move on with his life and go to a state college. In the end, she leaves town for college, leaving everyone behind.

Tiffani Thiessen, Brian Austin Green, Maureen Flannigan, David Lipper, Keith MacKechnie
Christopher Leitch
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She Fought Alone