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| | 1 hr 43 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

The Vermont State Police station in Spurbury is about to be shut down due to budget cuts. Its captain, John O'Hagan, is determined to prevent that from happening and encourages his troopers to step up their enforcement efforts to show the Governor they are a model station. There's just one problem. O'Hagan doesn't have model troopers.

Foster takes his job half-seriously at the best of times. Womack is obsessed with pulling pranks. Rabbit is a green rookie. Farva can't go more than a few days without being suspended, while the station's second-in-command, Ramathorn, is more of a buddy to the troopers than a boss.

These misfit troopers have a chance prove their mettle. When they come across an RV abandoned in a wooded area, they discover a dead body and a live, crazed pig. They soon learn that the RV contains a large stash of marijuana. Such a bust would surely convince the Governor to keep their station open.

But there is a problem. The local police department is trying to take credit for the bust. Can O'Hagan's troopers overcome their bumbling ways and keep their jobs?

Brian Cox, Daniel von Bargen, Marisa Coughlan, Lynda Carter, Amy de Lucia
Jay Chandrasekhar
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Super Troopers
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'Super Troopers' Sequel is Confirmed!

Get yourself a liter of cola and get ready for a "Super Troopers" sequel! Broken Lizard member and "Super Troopers" star Steve Lemme has confirmed that a sequel to the cult classic comedy is a go, they just have to finish raising the funds for it. "You know, it was a combination of having to settle some of the legal disputes about making a sequel, while also negotiating terms for it," Lemme said. "The fans have been asking for it for a while, but we were finally able to package everything together.

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