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| | 1 hr 43 min | Comedy

Super Troopers is a crude, slapstick comedy about a group of Vermont State Troopers in the fictional town of Spurbury who spend most of their time pulling pranks on one another, and creating new ways to mess with the people they pull over. A new recruit by the name of "rabbit" is forced to endure hazing from the group while in training to become a master prankster. In this group of Troopers is a man named "Farva" as well. He is short, pudgy and constantly hazed by the other guys.

The Troopers are in a constant battle with the local Supurbury Police Department, and are constantly engaging in pranks and feuds with them that often lead to fights. The plot of the film thickens when the Troopers are threatened with budget cuts, which may cost some of them their jobs. Through the seriousness of their situation, the troopers have their own fun on traffic stops. In particular, they pull over a car full of potheads who have all been smoking and are high. One of the passengers begins to hallucinate and the Troopers joking doesn't make the situation any easier. In another noteworthy scene, two Troopers play a game of chicken with one another when pulling someone over to see how many times the can sneak the word "meow" into the conversation. The driver becomes very confused, the Troopers try to "out-meow" one another and it makes for a pretty funny scene.

Later in the film, the Troopers accidentally uncover a drug ring in their town. When the troopers suspect that there is a murder connected to the drug ring, they try and get the cooperation of Police Chief Grady, but Grady wants the Troopers to get shut down so he can have a bigger budget for his own police force.

By this time, one of the Troopers develops a relationship with a girl named Ursula, who is the dispatcher for the rival State Police. While together, the two find a large stash of marijuana hidden at the Police Station. The two decide to take the drugs to the Governor to expose the State Police for being crooked, but their plot is foiled when Farva; the disgruntled Trooper, gives Grady a heads up on the plot to expose the Police and Grady meets the Governor first.

Now, the unemployed Troopers struggle to find a way to bring the corrupt police down. Eventually, with the help of Ursula, they succeed but still don't get their jobs back. At the end of the film, we see they have been hired as beer-delivery men and end up partying at the house of the kids who were high and hallucinating in the car they pulled over earlier.

Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske
Jay Chandrasekhar
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