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This is an engaging horror series that was originally run on the FX channel. This series followed a family of three as they attempt to start a new life for themselves following tragedy and infidelity. Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) lost a child to miscarriage, and her lack of affection drove Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) to cheat on her with a student of his. In an attempt to repair their relationship and get away from these awful memories, the two relocate to Los Angeles along with their daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga).

Shortly after arriving, they meet with the realtor who tells them about the previous owners having died in the house via a murder-suicide. The new family is so overcome by the house that they pay little attention to this news and begin adjusting to their new life in the impressive house. Ben begins his psychiatric practice out of the home and begins seeing patients very shortly after moving in.

New characters start introducing themselves into the lives of the Harmons, including the neighbors Constance and her daughter Adelaide, and Larry Harvey, who claims to be a former occupant of the house that killed his family by burning them alive. Tate is a patient of Ben's that begins to befriend his daughter Violet, but things are not as simple as they seem for the Harmons.

The audience at home is soon introduced to a shocking truth that the house never lets anyone who dies on its grounds leave. They remain as ghosts, trapped on the grounds forever. One of Ben's patients returns to the house to recreate a murder of two nurses from 1968 with Vivien and Violet while Ben is away in Boston with his former lover, who tells him she is pregnant. Bianca (Ben's patient), along with a few of her friends, ties up Vivien and Violet and attempts to murder them both. Tate rescues them, but the incident is enough to convince Vivien that she needs to move her family out of the house and sell it.

She finds this very difficult to do when she learns that her home is considered "Murder House," as murderous events have occurred again and again within the house since the late 1920s. The situation is further complicated by Vivien learning that she is pregnant. The truth begins to surface about so many key components to the story so far, and people who have become staples in the plot you learn are just trapped in the house. This multifaceted tale begins to unfold when you learn that everyone who is involved within the story that interacts with the Harmons is interconnected.

Larry was leaving his wife for Constance, and his wife killed herself and her children by fire. Once Constance and Larry were together, they had children. Constance also had children of her own before Larry, one of which was Tate. She had him when she was married to a womanizer who attempted to rape Moira, the maid, and Constance found them and killed her and buried her on the grounds. This is the same maid that currently works for the Harmons, so everything is connected.

Tate would be the reason that Larry was badly burned and disfigured. Within the series you learn that Tate was gunned down by police officers and SWAT team members who shot him in his bedroom following his killing spree in his high school. While you might not see it all happening at first, the house is looking to claim lives. Suddenly all of the souls of the house want the twins that Vivien is growing inside of her; even Constance living next door wants one of them.

When Vivien goes into delivery at the house, she is unable to survive the trauma and dies. She joins Violet with the souls of the house, as Violet had just recently learned that what she thought was a failed attempt at suicide several weeks before was actually successful. Now Ben is awash with what to do, and he plans to leave at the urging of the ghosts of Vivien and Violet. However, he doesn't ever get the chance, as the souls attack and kill him by hanging him. Now he, too, is trapped in the house, and the family vows that they are going to keep another family from suffering this fate.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on FX
6 Seasons, 66 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 5, 2011
Drama, Horror & Suspense
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