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The Larry Sanders Show was a situational comedy that ran for six seasons from 1992- 1998 with a total of 89 episodes. It was created by Garry Shandling who also starred as the titular character. This show was unique in many ways that is one of the first "behind the scenes" style series. It was also one of HBO's first big hits. The show was regularly nominated and won awards from academies such as the Emmy Awards, the Golden Globes the BAFTAs, and the Directors Guild of America just to name a few.

The series premise revolved around the cast and crew of the so-called "Larry Sander Show," a light night style comedy talk show. It often featured cameos of actors playing themselves as dramatic alter egos. It is continually on top TV lists as a beloved comedy from the early 1990's.

One unique aspect of the show is direct audience acknowledgement. Actors would break the fourth wall and actually talk to viewers which is uncommon in a series of this type.

6 Seasons, 89 Episodes - Canceled
August 1, 1992
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The Larry Sanders Show Full Episode Guide

  • Larry tapes his last show.

  • Larry worries that his dating actress Gina Gershon might ruin his longtime friendship with Jeff Goldblum; Mary Lou nervously agrees to book Wendy as a comic on the show.

  • Hank worries that his jealous criticism drove Larry's longtime cue card man to commit suicide.

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