Richard Sharp

Richard Sharp is a journalist, editor and storyteller based out of Chicago with a voracious appetite for all things pop culture. He spent several years as an entertainment journalist and freelancer for multiple papers in the Village Voice Media chain, including the Riverfront Times, Kansas City Pitch, Phoenix New Times, Westword, Dallas Observer, and Houston Press, as well as serving as Editor for ChicagoFilm. His work as a freelancer has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, LA Times, Canada's National Post and more. Contact him with your tips, story ideas and at [email protected]


Articles by Richard Sharp

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L.A. County Coroner Announces Cause of Heavy D's Death

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Swarms of Dancing Hobbits! A Boatful of Dwarves! Behind the Scenes of 'The Hobbit' (Video)

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Quicker Than a Kardashian, Sinead O'Connor Ends Her Marriage

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HBO Promises Your Holidays Will Suck: Network Running 'True Blood' Season Four Encore

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